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Kleptomania (draft rules)

1 Intro

The basic idea is that each player is an incompetent thief, who also moonlights as a corrupt policeman. Each turn they steal a certain value of stuff, but are caught by one of the other players in policeman hat. They must offer the police character a division of the spoils, which the police character can either accept or reject (in which case the stolen goods are confiscated). The trick is to get away with as favourable a division as possible – but with each player each turn being a thief paired with a random other player, and also a policeman paired with a different random other player, I anticipate that over time a network of trust / perception-of-fairness relations will build up – which will interact with a desire to trim back the leader, help out people dong badly, and the other traditional multi-player-game dynamics. There are some issues about default orders, new players joining, and so on, but I think there's enough there to make an enjoyable game. I don't know if this particular extension of the experiment has been done before – any of you economics-trained types?

On each turn, each player (a) as thief, decides how much to offer their policeman, and (b) as policeman, decide whether or not to accept their thief's offer from the previous turn.

  • "Last turn the following offers were accepted / rejected, and everyone's current money is as follows:"
  • "Last turn you were offered X by thief Y. Do you want to accept?"
  • "This turn your policeman is Z. How much do you want to offer them (0 - 10)?"

2 Joining the game

That's basically it: to start up, fill in this form with your chosen thief name and description, and also your chosen username and password and your email address if you're not already a UKG member.

Click here for the most recent turn results, and click here to visit the discussion forum.

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