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Mighty Oaks

1 Introduction

You are a tree in a forest. You grow in size and put forth leaves and fruit, and store energy in your roots: your aim is to score victory points by growing more fruit than the other trees of a similar size to you.

2 Turn structure

The game alternates spring turns and autumn turns.

2.1 Spring turn

You start the spring turn with a current value of size and of energy stored in your roots. You must decide how much of this energy to spend on increasing your size, and how much on growing leaves (the amount of leaves you can grow can be no more than your current size). You can also keep some of your energy in storage if you wish. Energy converts into size at 1:1. After this is added, all trees are reduced in size by 20%.

2.2 Autumn turn

You start the autumn turn with a value of new energy based on the quantity of leaves you grew in spring. Leaves convert to energy at 1:3. You must decide how much of this new energy to convert to fruit (or seeds if you prefer to think of it that way), and how much to store in your roots for next year. Whatever you store in your roots will be raised to the power of 0.8, ie. it will be reduced by more the greater it is, and willl have 20 added to it.

You score victory points according to how much fruit you have compared with other trees of a similar size, ie. the largest 5 trees split 10 VPs among them, the next 5 split a further 10, etc. So the way to score a lot of VPs is to have more fruit than other trees of a similar size: but if you grow too many fruit you won't have much energy left over for next year, when the cycle starts again.

You are then ranked according to your average number of VPs scored per year.

Finally at the end of autumn, the largest tree in the forest has a chance of being struck by lightning. The size of the chance depends on how much bigger it is than the second-largest tree. If it is the same size, the chance is zero: if it is twice as big, the chance is 100%. If it is struck by lightning, its size and roots are reduced to a half of what they were.

3 Missing a turn

If you miss a spring turn, then you will convert 20% of energy into size, and 80% into leaves (except that the amount of leaves can be no more than your current size).

If you miss an autumn turn, you will convert 20% of your new leaf energy to fruit, and store 80% in your roots.

That's basically it: to start up, fill in this form with your chosen tree name and description, your chosen password and your email address. The game will carry on indefinitely, so you can stay for as long as you like. Anyone who gets their average vps per turn over 2 has done well. Anyone who lets them slip below 0.5 has done not so well.

Click here for the most recent turn results, and click here to visit the discussion forum.

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