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Spore Wars

1 Introduction

You are an alien, visiting Earth for the purpose of implanting your spores in unsuspecting victims. Each turn, a new set of potential hosts will appear for infestation: you must decide which of them you are going to implant, and with how many spores. If you choose good hosts, your spores will multiply: bad hosts, and they will be destroyed.

2 Details

Each turn, a number of new hosts, generated randomly, will appear. The previous turn's hosts will also still be present for infestation. The number of new hosts per turn is approximately equal to twice the number of current active players.

You can freely infest new hosts and / or previous turn's hosts with your spores in any combination, up to a total of your available spore total, but no more than 50 per host in a turn. (You can do eg. 50 one turn and then 50 into the same host the next turn, though.)

2.1 Infesting a new host

This is straightforward: you just say how many spores you want to implant into each new host, and that's what happens.

2.2 Infesting a previous turn's host

This is more complicated, because if there are already some spores in this host from the previous turn, they will eat some of the new spores that you put in. They will consume a quarter of their total number of your new spores. So if a prevous turn's host has 40 spores in it already from last turn, and you put in 30 this turn, 10 of those 30 will immediately be eaten, leaving you with just 20 spores in the host. This applies even if some or all of the spores in the host from last turn are also your own.

3 Spores payout

At the end of each turn, the hosts from the previous turn (who will by now have been implanted twice) are liquidated and pay out spores. They are ranked in order of how many total spores they are carrying. The half with the fewest spores pay out nothing, and all their spores are lost. The half with the most spores pay out double spores to all aliens who had infested them.

So in a simple example with just two hosts being liquidated this turn: Host A has 20 spores from Alien Z and 30 from Alien Y; Host B has 40 spores from Alien X. Host A has the more spores, so Host B is discarded. Alien X loses all its 40 spores, while Aliens Z and Y are paid back 40 and 60 spores respectively.

3.1 Available spores

The spores you have available for infestation each turn are equal to either what you got paid back from successful hosts, or 50, whichever is the greater. So in the example above, the following turn Alien X would have 50, Z would have 50, and Y would have 60 spores available for new infestations.

4 Missing a turn

If you miss a turn, then you will implant no new spores that turn. Any spores from the previous turn will still score VPs, of course.

5 Ranking

Aliens are ranked according to their rolling average net spore gain (spores gained - spores spent) over the precedign 10 turns.

6 Joining the game

That's basically it: to start up, fill in this form with your chosen alien name and description, and also your chosen username and password and your email address if you're not already a UKG member.

Click here for the most recent turn results, and click here to visit the discussion forum.

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