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The Gods Decide

Rules and startup

You are a god (male or female, up to you) on Mount Olympus. Bored with supping on nectar and ambrosia, you look down on the teeming mortal world and decide to amuse yourself by tampering with the fates of puny humans. Some humans have sparks that burn brightly, and it is on these, the heroes, that you concentrate your divine attention. (You can see which heroes are currently in the game on the results page.)

Turns run every weekday, at around 9.57am UK time. You can submit a maximum of one set of orders per turn. If you submit more, the newer ones will overwrite the older ones. All orders received will be processed together in that day's turn. You can skip turns whenever you want, it doesn't really make much difference.

Each turn you must decide which hero you will Favour, and on which hero you will Stake part of your Reputation. Thanks to the crankiness of Zeus, father of the gods, these may not be the same hero: you cannot Favour the hero on whom you have Staked, and you cannot Stake on the hero you have Favoured. Furthermore, you cannot Stake without Favouring, or Favour without Staking: you must do both. And even further furthermore, you may not Favour the hero who's currently top of the rankings: Zeus looks with displasure on such hubris.

Each new god starts with 10 Reputation. In a turn in which you Stake part of it, you will gain Reputation if your Staked hero moves up the hero ranking table, and you will lose it if they move down it. (If they stay the same, and in turns when you don't Stake, your Reputation is unchanged.)

If your hero rises, the amount of Reputation you gain is given by (total number of favours given to that hero this turn) / (number of gods staking their Reputation on them). If your hero sinks, you lose 1 Reputation.

The hero ranking table is a list of the heroes in order of their current score. This score is the sum of all the Favours bestowed upon that hero this turn, plus 50% of their last turn's score. So if Jason last turn had a score of 5.842, and this turn two gods decide to Favour him, he has a score of 4.921 this turn. The chances are that this fall in score will move him down the table, so any god who Staked reputation on him will probably lose out. Hero scores are calculated and displayed to 3 decimal places.

That's basically it: to start up, fill in this form with your chosen god name, what activity or group of people you wish to be patron of, your chosen password and your email address. The game carries on indefinitely, with people entering or leaving whenver they feel like it. Anyone who gets their reputation up to 20 can consider that they're doing well. Anyone who lets their reputation slip below zero has done not so well...

Click here for the current rules, and click here to visit the discussion forum – this game is in continuous development, so if you'd like to help shape it, we'd very much appreciate your contribution.

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