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The Immortal Murders

The Immortal Murders is a murder mystery dinner party game for 8 to 20 guests – download the free introductory pdf file. It can be expanded up to 30 players with the addition of an Extra Character Packet – click here for more details about those.

It is time for the Hidden Councils Annual Costume Ball. It is the social event of the year. The Royal Courts of the Mage, Were, Vampyr & Fae will be in attendance. It is whispered that there will also be a special meeting of the Hidden Council to address the recent Watcher murders. Watchers are important to the Immortals and help keep their existence hidden from humanity. The Immortals in turn have sworn to protect the Watchers for their service.

We think you will be really pleased with the additional activities we have added to this unusual game! It is a little different then our previous games in the following ways: In this game there will be 5 Artifact Weapon Cards. The host will get instructions on where to hide these. Then at a certain time guests will get riddles that will be clues to where the weapons are hidden, then it is a race to see who finds a weapon. The weapons can only be used once & no one can commit murder without a weapon card. These will be very valuable commodities.

Next we will have 20 Spell Cards. Each guest gets to draw one from a hat. If there are any cards left over after the draw guests will roll dice and the highest rollers get the cards! 10 spell cards are helpful game wise & the other 10 are funny spells that will provide a lot of entertainment.

The Immortal Murders lasts for about four hours and is suited to an evening. It is often played over a meal – a finger buffet if possible to allow guests to circulate and talk in private.

The free introductory pdf file contains instructions for the host, an example character pack including guest list, guidelines, character background and extra information, plus an example Confidential Booklet.

Buying The Immortal Murders

The Immortal Murders costs $39 (US dollars). That works out at about 24 GB pounds or 28 Euro, depending on the exchange rate charged by your credit card. (You can use the XE.com Personal Currency Assistant to check the amount.)

To purchase The Immortal Murders, follow these three steps.

Step 1: Download the free introductory pdf file. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this. If you do not already have Acrobat Reader, click here.

Step 2: Read the intro and see what you think of the game!

Step 3: Go back to the Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games online shop and buy the game on their secure site. After you've entered your credit card details, you'll be emailed the location of the main pdf files, plus the password required to unlock them. You can then download those files and enjoy the game!

Terms of Trade

Remember that if you buy The Immortal Murders, you are buying it from Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games. Don't forget to read their license conditions.