Game 7 current map

Red = Pelagian Heretics (Chris Murray)
Blue = Madness (Mike Oswald)
Green = Mungu Ya Salama (Neil Kenward)
Yellow = Norton I (Lee Batchelor)
Purple = The Great Knerdish Empire (Martin Hornsey)
Pink = The Grand Vitners Society (Phil Stratford)
Olive = New Imperium (Chris Tomkins)
Grey = Bloefelt Consortium (Chris Harvie)  





Game 6 final map

Red = Fidelesperagape (William Richardson)
Blue = Inner Circle (Stuart McKinley) 
Green = Forza Albion (Jonathan Miles)
Yellow = Musicians Guild (Alex Everard)
Purple = Ochlocratic Chaos (Tim Jacobs)
Pink = Bwian (Tim Moore)
Olive = City Watch (Tim Lomas)






Game 5 final map

Red = Golgafrinchans (Neal Smith)
Blue = House of Lords (Nick Palmer) 
Green = Carrot (Tim Lomas)
Yellow = Portlius the Hungry God (Mark Labbett)
Purple = Walhalla (Chris Tomkins)
Pink = The Brethren of the Gilded Ostrich (James Collett)
Olive = Unicorn (Mark Browne)
Grey = Lachesis (Stuart McKinley)





Game 4 final map

Red = Cerunnos (Henry Bradley)
Blue = Purpureus (Graham S Woods) 
Green = Bladerunner (Vegar Holmen)
Yellow = The Adepts (Peter Caswell)
Purple = Karamantor (Barry Archer)
Pink = The Party Boys (Ross Inglis)
Olive = Hedonist Hegemony (Kevin Haynes)
Grey = Mask (Simon Thornton)





Game 3 final map

Game 2 final map

Game 1 final map

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