Mammon Inc, Tagaro and NEO

Mammon Inc - 'The strength to Choose

Mammon Inc is the largest of the three conglomerates, the most progressive, the most important, and the most advanced. This is unquestionably true. It has existed in pretty much its current form since around 2080, formed from a grand alliance of industry and agency capability of mostly European origin, when it proved itself capable of supplying and tending the peoples of the rebirth while simultaneously making a start on reclaiming the spoilt lands. Mammon Inc scientists were the first to develop a vaccine for the Third Horseman, and it is generally felt that the other two conglomerates are pale, inferior imitations of its grandeur.
The essence of life in Mammon Inc is evolution through choice. It endeavours to allow its subs choice at every level, from what colour algae they prefer to eat to whether their dom-cubes should have square or rounded ends. It is only by allowing humanity to exercise such choices that we become stronger and move forward. This means that there is multiple redundancy throughout its supply chain - instead of having just one subsidiary company making jetball sleds, there are three, and they market competitively against each other.

Tagaro - 'blending the future'
Tagaro was formed in a merger between two smaller conglomerates, both originally East Asia-based, in 2096, in response to the threat of Mammon Inc dominance. Ever since then they have been struggling feebly to catch up. Tagaro subs are noted for their robot-like homogeneity and lack of will. Although Tagaro gives the impression of trying to be like a super-efficient well-drilled machine, in fact its stifling of individuality means that it is stuck in a 21st-century rut, and can never hope to emulate the achievements of Mammon Inc.

NEO - 'Reinventing humanity'
NEO was also formed in 2096, in an alliance between the last surviving labour agency and a hotchpotch of mostly American companies going under the umbrella of the New Economy group. NEO prides itself on its progressive and open-minded approach to social questions, meaning that it is all too keen to call into doubt the fundamental verities of human existence. Such rash, Faustian experimentation can only lead to woe and misery for its unfortunate subs. NEO is also keen for humanity to waste its resources by pressing deeper into space.

Some of Mammon Inc's important subsidiaries

Honnauer Combine - the world-leading producer of grain and cereals, it also has extensive timber interests. Mostly based in the northern Russian plain.

GloopDyne - makers of Freshgel™, Skindeep™, and a wide range of other exciting technoGloops, for cosmetic and cleansing purposes. They also have a popular Vroop, Vrodyne™, renowned for the quality of its tactile urge. GloopDyne's headquarters is in Buenos.

Excelsior - runs a fleet of space salvage scows from a base at the L-5 point. Famed for the happy-go-lucky piratical demeanour of its workers, and the valuable goods its fleet has found littering the orbits.

MicroSolar Power - runs a string of reflector satellites which beam solar energy to Earth in microwave form. These beams are picked up by wide mesh arrays positioned around the equator, and useful power transmitted to the majority of Mammon Inc's near-Equator facilities. It is hope that this will eventually be a useful technology for city use.

The Fractal Church - one of the largest of the new religions, this teaches Extropian-style spiritual progress through diversity of culture, belief and bodily form.
Channel 23 - the prime news channel for mid-Merits, trusted implicitly for its even-handed approach to facts. Its main newscasters are respected and one might even say loved.

… buy Mammon's line. Despise cowards who'd ruin life for everyone, or dismiss those fears as silly: we've taken all the punches nature has thrown.

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