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Madness and magic in Victorian London!


Put the knife in the light it glints like the sunshine in the park my knee is bleeding and the merry-go-round spins behind me the children laughing screams of delight of pain as the knife twists and it springs up seeping through the cloth and begins to spread into the shape of mother's mouth calling me for tea always the cake and tea always the tea leaves and the porcelain white like her nightgown moving down the hallways into the dormitories where they scream all night long for their mothers here in there bleak walls of grey is there no colour in the world anymore?

The fog claws at the plunging hooves of the horses as the carriage wades past you in the twilight. You urge yourself forwards, fearful of drowning in this sea of vapour, your eyes drawn to others like you trying to keep afloat.

The sounds of the city are dulled by this shroud, the voices too are quieter. They are waiting, you feel their anticipation, they are holding their breath, your breath. Your chest begins to heave as their grasp tightens. Then you see it, forming a shape in the mist ahead of you, the presence pulling at wisps of dirty air to clothe it and make it real in this street. You feel the chill of panic raising the hairs at the back of your neck – why don't the others stop and look in horror at what you behold? How can that young couple smile as they pass by this ghostly form?

It moves towards you, gliding silently and you fancy that it begins to smile – it wants something. Something inside you, something that you need and the voices scream at you to flee! Almost falling over your own haste, you pull yourself out of your frozen fascination and dive into the white sea behind you.


Introducing the new psychological horror role-playing game from Undying King Games, a must for connoisseurs of the finest play-by-mail gaming. Set in the late Victorian period, characters must grapple with insanity and the twisted insights it gives them into a world gone horribly wrong. Fracture, dissonance, intrusion and the phantasmagoria that lies behind the unreality of the mundane ensure that this game is not for the faint of heart.

The campaign is open-ended, there are no deadlines, it's a single-character game and turns are processed individually, although we do recommend that those who want a lot of interaction with other players should aim to send in their turns at least every few weeks. Like all our games, you can play by post or email or a combination of the two, although the physical design and structure of the turns are such that people receiving them by post will get more out of them.

If you've played Ixion's Wheel, UNEXPLAINED or Inferno, then you'll be familiar with the depth and invention of our role-playing games – The Centre Cannot Hold, developed by UKG from the original design by Nic Haynes of Cakey Pig, is darker, more intense and more involving than anything we've released before. Nightmares guaranteed!


Or download the whole lot as zipped HTML.

To play in The Centre Cannot Hold, just send GBP 15.00 to cover your setup and first two turns.
Further turns are GBP 6.00 each. Please make cheques payable to Undying King Games,
or you can pay by credit card using our secure transactions page.
You will receive a copy of the rules, map, and start form.

Like all our games, The Centre Cannot Hold can be played by post or by email, as you find convenient.
Undying King Games, 57 London Road, IPSWICH, IP1 2HF, United Kingdom