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Prominent Persons of the Age

Lord Palmerston is Prime Minister at the start of the game, and of course Queen Victoria has the throne. Albert the Prince Consort continues to enjoy the repercussions of the success of the Great Exhibition some 9 years since: his part in the project secured the affections of the British public, who had previously disapproved of their Queen's selection and mistrusted him as a 'Foreigner'.

Perhaps one of the first steps on the road to women's suffrage: Elizabeth Blackwell, the first ever female qualified doctor, has just become registered in England. Yet the scientist whose name is on everyone's lips is Charles Darwin, following the publication of his work on the Origin of the Species, which has created an uproar in the National Press, debates in prominent institutions across the country, and fuelled the fight between the Church and the institution of Science. The claims are considered more than scandalous - it is most disagreeable to those with genteel sensibilities to even conceive of one being the descendant of an ape.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson enjoys his tenth year in the position of the British poet laureate, and Florence Nightingale is a national heroine.

Abraham Lincoln is President of the United States of America and the Emperor Napoleon III still holds France, despite an assassination attempt in 1858.


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