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The year: 2187. A world totally dominated by three massive corporations, controlling every resource and directing every life. All the world's people, and all its materials, are property of one or other corporation; and the mightiest of the three is Mammon Inc. It provides its people with every need - food, habitation, labour, entertainment. In return it commands their complete obedience. After the Century of Catastrophes that followed the turn of the millennium, humanity has at last found the perfect ordered society, and can move forward to the next stage in its evolution.

Mammon Inc, UKG's latest design, is based on the same structure as smash hit Inferno, the game everybody was talking about in 1999, with a heady mix of role-playing and power-gaming. Players design characters who are being considered for admission to the higher echelons of command of Mammon Inc; they might be directors of one of the myriad of operating companies that make up the conglomerate - serving the needs of its people, managing the Earth's fragile ecosystem, leading the push to exploit the other worlds of the Solar System. Or they might be researchers, pushing back the boundaries of science, of society, of computing, of life itself. Or they might be agents for the intelligence or security cadres, or entertainers helping to keep the mass of populace content, or leaders of one of the many faiths Mammon Inc allows to provide an outlet for spiritual needs - or any other role the player wishes. One thing is for certain: what they learn during their struggle for promotion will change the way they view everything about the world in which they live.

If you've been wondering what all the fuss was about Inferno, have a look at some of the sample turns up there - they should give you an idea of the incredible depth and richness of interaction that you can expect from Mammon Inc.


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