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If you missed out on Inferno through applying too late, or through not finding out about it soon enough, make sure you don't miss Mammon Inc - once again, places are limited, to just 80 players. The game will be starting in December, so to be sure of a place you should send in your startup request as soon as possible, to UKG at 57 London Road, IPSWICH, IP1 2HF, or to

Startups in Mammon Inc cost GBP 10.00 by post, or GBP 8.00 by email or from this site, and include your first two turns. After that turns cost GBP 4 for email players, or GBP 4.50 for postal players. Deadlines are every four weeks, and there will be approximately 20 turns before the game ends - although that may depend on the players' actions. The atmosphere of the world, in late 20th century terms, is somewhere between Blade Runner, Brazil and Brave New World.