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The end of the world is nigh, and it's all your fault.

According to the official scriptures of Gershan, God created the world nine hundred and ninety-four years ago, and decreed a thousand years should pass before its death. The scriptures have nothing to say about magicians, though rumour has it that the world's mages are the only ones who'll prove worthy to enter heaven.

According to the official scriptures of Bernea, the seven gods created the world many ages ago, and will meet together for a final battle at the end of time, which will destroy the world and everything in it. The world's magicians, so the scriptures say, will be taken out of the world to fight alongside the gods they serve and will therefore escape the destruction by abandoning their humanity. The portent that all this is about to take place is an eclipse of the sun at midday. That happened yesterday.

According to the teaching of the Solist philosophy, the world came into being spontaneously, created out of the energy of a dying star. Magicians have been drawing on that energy ever since, and steadily draining it. We have six years left before the world runs out of energy entirely. Then we will all die.

Guess what people are choosing to believe.

Conclave runs for a fixed length of 24 turns, each one being 3 months in game time. Main turns fall due on the 1st of each month (including January 1st). In addition, there is the opportunity for subsidiary turns on the 15th of each month. Play is by email only, with each player receiving an individual turn and a general newssheet every time.

All fantasy professions are available – magician, craftsman, wandering hero, barbarian leader, city politician and anything else you care to think of – and human, elf and dwarf races. Overlapping magical, religious, political, racial and geographical factions should ensure plenty of diplomacy from the start.

The History and Magic of the World

The world consists of two large continents divided by a stretch of treacherous sea. Over time, two empires came into being - the Gershans and the Berneans. The Berneans were exclusively elven, living in the woodlands of their continent, setting up a few cities and ignoring rumours of humans and dwarves on the other continent.

The Gershans, predominantly human, expanded more rapidly, and more aggressively. Spreading over the entire continent, they quickly absorbed the smaller dwarven settlements in the mountainous north and established cities along the length of the Lyvan River. Then the empire turned its attention to the land off its west coast.

As the territories of the two empires overlapped, there were many clashes between them, and three major wars. The last of these happened seventy years ago and so many people were killed that the two sides agreed a peace treaty which has lasted to the present day.

During this time of peace, the two empires have intermingled to such an extent that most ordinary people don't regard themselves as belonging to either side. Sporadic barbarian raids continued, especially in the north of the Bernean territory, but these have come to be regarded as a minor nuisance, and the cities are rarely affected.

Their separate religions still survive but Berneans are quite happy to accept that some people only worship one god (whilst they maintain that there are seven) while Gershans believe either that the Berneans are mistaken, or that they are worshipping seven aspects of the one god. Some people have cared enough to write treatises on the subject. Most people haven't cared about it one way or the other. Up to now.

Starting up in Conclave costs just GBP 9.00 to cover your first two turns, or GBP 10.00 if you want to receive printouts by post. After that turns are GBP 4.50 each, or GBP 5.00 by post.

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