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Signing up for Conclave

There's no extra cost to starting up in Conclave: just make a payment to cover at least your first two turns (GBP 9.00, or GBP 10.00 if you want to receive turns by post), and you're in the game. You can download the rules as text here, or pay an extra GBP 1.00 to have a printout posted to you (UK only).

Although most people joined the game at the beginning, you haven't missed out if you join later (although some of the best positions will have gone...). Keep an eye on this site for news of its progress and development.

What it costs to play

  • Main turn: GBP 4.50
  • Subsidiary turn: GBP 2.50
  • Main turn following a subsidiary: GBP 3.00
  • Add 50p to these costs for postal turns as well as email.

What you get

In the first week of every month you will receive:

  • The main turn results.
  • Individual turnsheet giving results of actions for the three-month game period.
  • Individual spell / stat sheet, giving current stats, spell list, scrolls and magic items.
  • General turnsheet with news for the three months.
  • General stat sheet with the various success tables.

You'll also get all this after each subsidiary turn you play, apart from the success tables.

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