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Free online mini-games!

At one time we were running a series of fun, free-to-play mini-games, which ticked over at one turn per day. They weren't at all deep or strategic, didn't involve complex mechanisms or interfaces, and were fundamentally about out-thinking the other members of the UKG community. We might bring these back to life one day if we get the time!

How Low Can You Go?

This really is dead simple, but fun with it. Each day you can choose a number from 1 to 64. If you choose the lowest number that no-one else has also chosen, you win that day – that's all there is to it!

Mighty Oaks

The game where you can be a tree! Decide how many leaves to grow, compete for your share of fruit, and store energy for the winter in your roots. How much fun does that sound?

Spore Wars

Try life as an alien preying on unsuspectng humanity. You must decide which are the best hosts to infest with your spores – to get them to breed effectively, it will help to cross-fertilize with other aliens...

The Gods Decide

A dead simple game where you play a Greek god or goddess, tampering with the fate of puny mortals.

Haunted House

This is an RPG system, but we've put it here for convenience. Click here for more details.