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The original Inferno game was designed by Matthew Marcus, and ably GMed by him, Sarah Keogh, Tony Short and Warlock, later joined by Mo Holkar.

This PBM version of the game was designed and is GMed by Mo Holkar, with help from all of the above plus Martin Lloyd, who showed how it could be done.

Thanks especially for Dominic Camus for his wonderful artwork which graces this site's wallpaper, and of course to all the original players, who contributed so much to realizing the Inferno world and who designed so many wonderful characters and incidents. Too many of them to list here, but you know who you are: most were members of the Oxford University Role-Playing Games Society.

Inferno sampler

To play in Inferno, just send GBP 10.00 to cover your setup and first three turns. Further turns are GBP 3.00 each. Please make cheques payable to Undying King Games. You will receive a copy of the rules, huge wodges of background material, and advice on how to create a character.

Like all our games, Inferno can be played by post or by email, as you find convenient.

Undying King Games, 57 London Road, IPSWICH, IP1 2HF, United Kingdom

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