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IXION'S WHEEL... is a world painfully struggling from superstition towards reason. Players take the roles of characters in a society (very) loosely based on 16th-17th-century Europe, in which enlightened humanists and jealous monarchs alike are struggling to throw off the shackles of a repressive Church, in which scientists are groping towards the principles which will allow them to tamper with the very stuff of Creation, in which artists are achieving a greatness of spirit and creativity of which their forebears never dreamed, and in which explorers are returning from the New World with barely credible accounts of natural wealth and wonder. The secrets of the earth are being rifled, but the secrets of human minds are far less accessible... with new wealth and new freedoms comes new disaffection, and spymasters, insurgents, hermeticists and confidential agents find their hour come round with a vengeance.

In the great cities of the Lapangi Empire, in proud Rangar where King Geraint broods in solitude in the Legacy Palace, in the fiercely independent city-states of the Sibutani Confederacy, in fawning Seoni Kuchinda under the heel of the Suzerain of Kufra, a new generation is coming to the fore: they burn with ambition, they thirst for renown, and their tales will be told again and again with each turn of the Wheel. This is your chance to take your place in their number.

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