The classic team role-playing game of conspiracy and strangeness

In our celebrated role-playing PBM UNEXPLAINED, players take on the roles of a party of operatives of the Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained (SITU). There are a lot of strange things out there, and SITU operatives are usually to be found slightly too close to most of the strangest ones.

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As the players' characters progress, investigating mysterious occurrence after mysterious occurrence, sometimes with their familiar adventuring comrades, sometimes with new party members, they gradually rise in Illumination and become increasingly privy to the true natures of the conspiracies underlying the world of the UNEXPLAINED – and, perhaps, the true nature of their SITU masters!


There was an unofficial, player-organized UNEXPLAINED site called Dark Suspicions: The Unexplained Files – their motto was "Click here if you don't trust SITU!" But unfortunately it no longer exists.

The World of the Strange

A dedicated research body very much into crop circles, UFOs and the like. Gives you a rough idea of the outer levels of SITU.

A clearing-house for strange and unexplained phenomena, supposed to be re-opening this summer when the owners get back from Roswell.

UKG player sites

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