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Ranking Characters

There are several criteria for measuring success in Inferno. Which you will judge as the most important is up to you: here's a brief summary of each.

All four of these measures above are apparent within the game – that is, the characters are told them. Finally, though, there is a purely out-of-game measure, which you are told as a player but which has no meaning to your character:

Inferno sampler

To play in Inferno, just send GBP 10.00 to cover your setup and first three turns. Further turns are GBP 3.00 each. Please make cheques payable to Undying King Games. You will receive a copy of the rules, huge wodges of background material, and advice on how to create a character.

Like all our games, Inferno can be played by post or by email, as you find convenient.

Undying King Games, 57 London Road, IPSWICH, IP1 2HF, United Kingdom

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