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Rough map showing Pangaturan and its neighbours

1 Rangar | 2 Pell Enna | 3 Athricol

4 Galena | 5 Salemi | 6 Ribero | 7 Yapen Town

8 Sahela | 9 Samarinda | 10 Port Levaca | 11 Palawan

Realms of the Wheel


The modern Lapangi Empire was formed in 991 after the union of the Kingdom of Lapang, the Duchies of Ribero and Salemi (these three forming the Lapangi mainland), the Kingdom of Tobolsk (including the northern domains of Rast and Swalehaven) and the Duchy of Kabiri on the Sibutan landmass. Ruled by Empress Juliana d'Oloroso, its capital is Galena. Its rule extends over many large and far-flung domains, and it is the main home of religious orthodoxy.


Capital of the Empire and of Lapang Province {the old Kingdom of Lapang}, seat of government and Imperial residence, noted for its University which lads the world in medical, chirurgical, historical and other studies.


Capital of Bernhaven Province, part of the old Kingdom of Tobolsk: the Empire's most northerly outpost, it is bound by ice six months of the year. The Lord Pelagi is its viceroy.


The Duke of Kabiri is the Empress's first cousin and heir. He was second choice for the throne on unification. He is a noted patron of the arts and his semi-tropical realm generally believed to be a paradise.


Capital of Ribero Provice, the old Duchy of Ribero, it is the industrial centre of Lapang.


Situate at the southernmost point of Lapang Proper, it is the capital of Salemi Province, the former Duchy of Salemi. It is famed throughout the Wheel for its wines and agriculture in general.


The Kingdom of Pangaturan has the oldest governance on the Wheel, its monarchs reigning in unbroken line since the collapse of the ancient Lapangi Empire. King Geraint rules from Rangar over this relatively small nation, which leads the Wheel in exploration and matters military.


Capital of Pangaturan and believed by its inhabitants the richest, wisest and best city on the Wheel, it is certainly the most populous. Almost all Pangaturan's economic and political activity centres on Rangar.


Agricultural town at the eastern edge of Pangaturan Proper and connected to Rangar by the King's Highway, along which lie the nation's most prized estates. It is not a notable town.

Pell Enna

In the south of Pangaturan Proper, the main base for links with Yapen and a major fishing base. It is renowned for its slums, which regularly erupt into flames and have killed many.

Yapen Town

Capital of Yapen, Pangaturan's 'awkward' province. The Domna of Yapen rules from here: it is the only properly fortified town on the island.


The Sibutani Federation, founded near a century ago, is made up of four allied city-states:


Although the near-tropical city of Lalgola was instrumental in establishing the Sibutani Federation, it is now a marginal member. Ruled by a Duke }the other three cities are all democracies}, it is usually politically out of step with its northern allies.

Port Levaca

The northernmost member of the Federation, Port Levaca is rich in mineral wealth. It is also Sibutan's chief provider of slaves, many captured during raids on Yapen.


Sahela is the largest member of the Federation, and sees itself as the leader, particularly as it is much nearer Pangaturan and Lapang than are its allies. Sahela is renowned for its commercial strength, and its merchants have been instrumental in developing the colonies of Nevatan.


On the eastern coast of the Sibutan landmass, Samarinda is a self-regarding city: its chief industry is fishing, although its traders are beginning to make an impression ont he world's markets.

Other Lands


Galiche is the name given to the Pangaturese colony over the ocean: it includes the well-developed town of Lean and a number of smaller settlements. The newest-discovered land, Cabrena, was first settled as recently as 975.


The Suzerain of Kufra rules the lands formerly under the sway of the Maray Princes, who co-existed with the ancient Lapangi Empire. The chief cities are Seoni Kuchinda and Up Step, the former pleasure capital of Prince Demavend. The Kufrish are heathens and the civilised lands have little contact with them.


Nevatan is the Sibutani colony, captured from Pangaturese rule in the Colonial War of 986. It is the most developed of the overseas settlements, providing much silk as well as exotic fruits and woods. Its chief town is Filly.


Palawan the Golden is an independent island between Lapang and Pangaturan. It is the seat of the Dramatic Way religion, and is ruled by the Dramatarch Leon X. All good followers of the Way should try to make pilgrimage to the Adderbury Playhouse and to Saint Monksilver's tomb.


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