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Who's Who in Ixion's Wheel

{being a brief Summary of the Doings of the Notable and Famous of our own and Former times}

{also including some individuals somewhat less worthy of admiration or emulation}
Now Including a Number of Organisations and Other Bodies!

Note: the index {r} denotes that a personage is no longer with us, but Resting, we hope at a Higher Stage.

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A Note on Forms of Address

Forms of address vary slightly between the nations of the Wheel, but they betray their common cultural ancestry.

In Lapang, Empress Juliana is addressed as Your Imperial Majesty, and members of her family {with the exception, for historical reasons, of the Duke of Kabiri} as Your Imperial Highness. Peers are addressed as Your Grace {Dukes and Duchesses} or Your Lordship / Ladyship {Barons and Baronesses}. The children of peers are addressed as Lord / Lady X, while grandchildren are The Right Honourable X. Knights have the title Sieur if male, and Dame if female {and then addressed as Ma'am}, and are usually hereditary. Gentlefolk are Master or Mistress, regardless of marital status.

In Pangaturan the situation is slightly different. King Geraint is Your Majesty, and his family Your Royal Highness. Counts and Countesses are addressed as Your Lordship / Ladyship. Heitmen on the mainland are addressed as Sir or Ma'am, elsewhere as Your Lordship / Ladyship. The Domna of Yapen is simply addressed as Domna. Knights are Equester or Lady, and if married the title vests in the partner. Pangaturese knighthoods are never hereditary unless granted on the field of battle. Otherwise as above for Lapang.

In the democracies of Sibutan there are no titles, and most citizens glory in the simple title of Master or Mistress. A very few Sibutani retain titles their ancestors held in other realms. Some, furthermore, are honoured by their city with a professional title, such as Master Architect, Mistress Doctor, signifying excellence and rarely awarded before the late stage of a glorious career.

Finally there is that over-arching institution the Dramatic Way. The Dramatarch is His Holiness. Hierarchs are His / Her Grace the Lord / Lady Hierarch, although outside the Empire they are usually just called Hierarch X, except those such as the Hierarch Chirurge of Rangar whose title embodies a function and is always referred to thus. Medarchs and Prompters are simply addressed by their title and surname. Introspectors are Fra or Suor in Lapang, Brother and Sister elsewhere, and invariably lose their surnames.

I hope that this brief review will suffice to avert the embarrassment concomitant upon a fumbled term of address. If I have averted just one duel I will consider my time well spent.

Sieur Wilbert Trode, The Athenaeum, University of Galena

- A -

Andrew Adelman {r}

Pangaturese portraitist of the seventh century.

Crown Prince Adolphus of Tobolsk {r(?)}

His claim to the throne of Tobolsk was discounted in favour of Juliana of Lapang, in 991, and he had not been seen since. The Baronne of Rast has recently claimed to have found him alive, and is calling for the restoration of his crown.


Master of Death, deity of lost Margravia {or so Master de Profundis would have us believe}.

Prince Alaric {r}

First cousin of King Moritz III, tried to claim power as part of the Cabal.

Al-Hoss, Ahoumi

Kufrite scholar who wrote about the poisonous leaves to be found in the jungles of that exotic land.

Saint Aoradh {r}

One of the original disciples, he converted many pagans in Magna Lirium after Monksilver's death. He had been a senator before seeing the Way, but died a pauper, having given away all his wealth to the poor of the city: boiled alive by Emperor Vorax.

Lord Arch

Lord Golding's son, the Barony of Arch is a courtesy title.

Dame Mary Archibald {r}

Member of the original Cabal.

Aramethes {r}

Natural philosopher of the Ancient Lapangi Empire, famed for his work on the classification of fungi.

Sieur Ferdinando Aricius

Historian and member of the Athenaeum of the University of Galena.

Saint Aula {r}

Saint of the seventh century who was responsible for establishing the first Introspectory Order, the Company of Saint Aula, in Galena.

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- B -

Typho Bantacrides

Ancient writer on matters alchymical, author of De Conjuratione Spirituo.

Martin 'Sniffy' Barghest, Baron Lutopati

Student at the University of Galena and member of the Mountebanks' Club.

Solitor 'Sol' Barnworth

Sahelan shipwright, his advanced designs have led to his Morning Star being hailed as the future of shipping.

Willem Barskin

Council member of the Pangaturese Royal Exploratory Commission.

Bat-man of Rangar, The

Mysterious being who haunts Rangar's Union Square and has killed at least one Watchman, possibly several. Believed to have the power of flight.

Euphemio Batrachio {r}

Lapangi writer and folklorist of the seventh century, justly famed for his Tales of the Fonescan Woods, which gathered together and retold the most gruesome legends of that dark-shrouded region. It formed a most pleasing dark background to my own childhood, and to those of many others! Each Tale was ended with a moral epigraph, and rightly so.

Hernan Beltz

Galenan compiler and editor of the writings of Karl Kendles, he is now in internal exile on Wentworth Island.

Ariel Bender

Lapangi correspondent for The Mimer's Well.

Doctor Tilla Berio

Noted physician of the University of Galena, formerly at Lalgola but forced to leave by the Duke. Her experiments have gone far towards supporting Tallius's and Orlando's theory of humours. She is also something of an expert on poisons.

Aneurin Betheran

Captain in the Pangaturese Navy, commander of the patrol boat Duke of Compton. He served under Sagar in the Colonial War and was temporarily invalided out of active service.

Anna Blakely, the Hierarch Chirurge

Head of the Pangaturese hospital system, she supervises the Rangar Hospital personally and still conducts treatment herself at times.

Sheriff Eulalie Blayne

Sheriff of the Northern Salemi Assizes, she was responsible for sentencing the seven Falshire tax rebels.

Captain Carla Bley

Officer in the Galena Gendarmerie.

Wilf Blossom

Picture editor of Unusual magazine, Salemi.

Hierarch Euan Bobadil {r}

Hierarch Prime during Moritz III's minority, and member of the Cabal.

Amilcar Bodelcryn {r}

Pangaturese essayist of the last century, famed for his 'Rural Jollies' series {originally published pseudonymously, as by 'A Country Prompter'}.

Nanny Boswell {r}

Eighth-century wise-woman and seer from Bostridge in Pangaturan: many would-be emulators have subsequently adopted her name.

Avery Boyd

Former Sahelan naval officer now part of the Morning Star team.

Doctor Remus Brand

Galenan physician, his revolutionary theories of the nature of disease have been met with indifference or scorn by the Lapangi medical establishment. He recently suffered from the tertian ague, but was brought to health by Doctor Lirienne de Breine.

Mousa Broach

Mimer's Well staff journalist and social correspondent.

Elaine Burstyn

Recently-appointed classical scholar at the University of Galena.

Charmaine Butte

Noted Galenan sculptor, winner of the Prix Imperial and creator of the Blittrude Surprised by Her Uncle which stands outside that city's Academy of Arts.

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- C -

Martin Calf

Salemi printer, Unusual magazine is produced on his presses.

Maria Camden {r}

Historian and folklorist of the eighth century, her best-known work is the Salemica, a review of the sites of interest of the then Duchy of Salemi.

Sieur Claudio Cannelli

Lapangi doctor, physician to the Prince of Thar, noted for his work on the extension of age.

Mollin Cant

Lapangi terrorist, leader of The Inheritors, wanted for offences including murder, bribery, piracy, and bringing the name of Her Imperial Majesty into disrepute. He recently slipped through the fingers of the Ribero Gendarmerie. There is a reward of twelve hundred crowns on his head.

Inigo Carivelli

Samarindan achitect perhaps of greater potential than reputation, recently arrived in Sahela to take up the commission of Severin's new Kufrish Emporium from out of Master Darkev's hands.

Thomas Carlyon {r}

Sahelan merchant and benefactor of the early years of this century, he funded the establishment of the Museum and the Public Library, and the Carlyon Trust still looks after both institutions.

The Great Carramelli

Lapangi Thou-Me-Turgist, currently touring around central Pangaturan with his stage act, playing at village taverns.

Admiral Anna Cartwright {r}

High Admiral during Moritz III's minority, and member of the original Cabal.

Maestro Castille

Sahelan fencing-master, retired from the Navy and three-times winner of the inter-service championships.

General Gaius Cestome

On the general staff of the Imperial Lapangi Army, currently based in Galena. He has the reputation of a martinet.

Alice Chapeau

Modern-day witch and mystic, of Gelt Town in Yapen.

Fra Cherubio {r}

Member of the Introspectory of Saint Montgolfo, in northern Salemi province of the Empire.

Chiliasts, the

Not an organised body but nonetheless worthy of note, these are the misguided Roles who believe that the end of the Wheel is to come with the arrival of the thousandth year from the foundation of the Ancient Lapangi Empire. They are worryingly active throughout the civilised areas of the Wheel.

Don Chimbote

Wealthy corn-chandler of Rangar, renowned for his extravagance.

Joshua Chirk

Sahelan merchant, socialite and occasional journalist, known for his funding of several Inventioneers including Odense Olten, he is the brother of Nelly Chirk and the owner of the printing-press on Bean Street at which The Mimer's Well is produced.

Nelly Chirk

Co-editor of The Mimer's Well, a citizen of Sahela, sister of Joshua Chirk.

Cranston Clent

Merchant of Rangar who is concerned about the state of the King's highway to Athricol.

Wittenham Clumps

Council member of the Pangaturese Royal Exploratory Commission, the first man to set foot on Cabrena and founder of the settlement of Tulean. One of the Wheel's most noted explorators.

Waring Clutch {r}

Sahelan architect of the early part of this century, designer of the Carlyon Library. He killed himself before the building – an artistic tour de force – was completed.

Gilbert 'Gil' Crane

Operator of the ferry between Gelt Town and Yapen Town, and Councillor of Gelt Town.

Crimson Smith, The

Ancient pagan deity, the guardian of the gods' creations.

Brother Beleg Crosslet {r}

Introspector of the community of St Darius, he was recently killed by bandits when journeying from Samarinda to Sahela.

Mayor Richard Cunningham

Mayor of Pell Enna, an unambitious and rather disappointing appointment.

Medarch Valis Cypria

A Medarch of Pell Enna, originally famed as one of the few survivors of the Morning Rose disaster, now better-known for The Lord Is My Heitman, an attempt to retell the doings of Saint Monksilver in modern form that has met with Palawan's disapproval.

Hierarch Cyril of Lalgola {r}

Chief architect of the Sibutani Federation, which was founded in 898.

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- D -

'F. D.'

Notorious Sibutani spymaster, controller of a northern Yapeni ring including Walberguyse: believed responsible for Heitman Villus's death.

Anna Dale

Economist and philosopher of Rangar, she is independent of the University. Her theory of 'inflation' is gradually gaining currency {as it were}. She also occasionally reviews for The Mimer's Well.

Wilfrid Danbury

Gelt Town Councillor and member of the Starfish Club.

Colonel Varria Dares

Commanding officer of the Sahelan Marine Regiment. A hero of the Colonial War, she led the third, successful, amphibious assault on Filly Point which effectively extinguished Pangaturese hopes of retaining the colony.

Saint Darius {r}

Obscure saint who was among the early settlers of Sibutan, there is an Introspectory named after him near Samarinda.

Wallis Darkev

Sahela's foremost architect, his new Guildhall is approaching completion: but his next prestige project, Severin's Kufrish Emporium, was taken from him and awarded to Inigo Carivelli.

Rosa Datmel

Junior staff journalist on Unusual magazine, Salemi.

Doctor Lirienne de Breine

Scientist and doctor working as physician to Lord Golding's household in Galena, her father was also a doctor and a noted member of the Athenaeum.

Medarch Louisa de Cruz

Public Affairs Speaker for the Hierarchate of Galena, widely seen as a key assistant to Hierarch Grazio.

Doctor Pavanne d'Ellesmere

Prominent Rangar physician who has done a great deal of work with the Rangar City Watch in matters of suspicious death.

Gilberto de los Reyes, the Earl Chevalier

This post formerly indicated the duelling champion of the Duke of Ribero, but is now a title in the gift of the Empress. The current Earl Chevalier is also Master of the Empress's Horse, and is a famous gastronome and patron of the arts. It has been rumoured that the Empress may wed him later this year.

Rt Hon Tilda de los Reyes

Niece to the Earl Chevalier, she has occasionally written for The Mimer's Well and fanices herself an adventuress.

Prince Demavend {r}

Last of the Maray Princes, historical rulers of what is now Kufra, Lalgola and Kabiri. He built Up Step as his pleasure-capital.

Darius de Profundis

Sahelan correspondent for the Salemi-based Unusual magazine, best-known for the Strange Column he contributes to The Mimer's Well.

Lucien de Treville {r}

Lapangi researcher into pagan beliefs at the University of Galena, exiled to Pangaturan for his unorthodox conclusions.

Captain William Devereux

Aide to General Cestome, currently seconded to the Galena Gendarmerie.

Dramatarch, The

Wheel-wide leader of the Dramatic Way, Dramatarch Leon X is a detached and holy individual who has little contact with the day-to-day running of the faith.

Sieur Drumelzier

Lapangi diplomat active in the negotiations surrounding the election of Princess Juliana as Empress.

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- E -

Lord Ederick of Wels

Pangaturese Ambassador to the court of the Suzerain of Kufra at Seoni Kuchinda.

Sybil Enright

Guild Councillor of Sahela, leader of the Ungrave party.


Foremost architect of Sahela in the previous generation, and high in the mystic ranks of his fellows.

Kerax Eramus

Proprietor of the Black Dog tavern, Gelt Town, Yapen.


Pagan deity, Portector of the Catch.


Little-known classical figure, commentator on Stevinus.

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- F -

Mayor Marta Feates

Mayor of Lean, the chief town in the Pangaturese colony of Galiche.

Ferelius {r}

Late classic author, biographer of Aramethes, very little is known about him.

Clarice Fettes

Author of On Witchcraft and Certain of its Practitioners, the standard work on the subject.

Rt Hon Sarah ffoulkes

Commissioner of the Galena Gendarmerie, the Empire's most senior active police officer.

Doctor Septimus Finn

One of Galena's most successful private physicians, his practice is exclusively among the very wealthy.

Mayor Brad Fickle

Leader of the village of Wreckers' Cove, near Gelt Town.

Lady Jacquette FitzBadleigh

President of the Mountebanks' Club, University of Galena, and daughter of the Baron of Aosta.

Carrie Flail

Sahelan stonemason, the original Master of the new Guildhall under Darkev, until breaking her leg.

Flaming Wheel Club, The

Organisation founded by the Chevalier de la Rose to promulgate religius orthodoxy in Galena.

Captain Will Flint

Imperial Equerry recently appointed to Her Imperial Majesty's court at Galena. He led the squadron of Imperial Guards who charged the mob outside the Pangaturese Embassy.

Doctor Gabriel Flitch

Impoverished doctor of the Bankside part of Galena, a friend of Doctor Remus Brand. He observed the beginnings of the Galena plague.

Wilbrod Fluke

Putative Galenan traveller in forge goods to the nearby villages.

Saint Forcetint {r}

Abbot in northern Pangaturan, he joined Queen Grace in her crusade against witches.

Doctor Maronico Fostulus

Lapangi physician currently resident in Pangaturan. A follower of Cannelli and noted for his work with the elderly and the insane.

Martin Friedland {r}

Galenan wool merchant who recently died of unknown causes, exhibiting mysterious symptoms.

Futurians, The

Terrorist group led by Bodizz Lensen, their great work is the book On Fraud, written by Merindyn Gheran. Unlike The Inheritors, they are broadly Kendist in their sympathies, seeking the overthrow of Church and State.

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- G -

Ol' Garvey

Mysterious chthonic spirit thought to lurk under Montgolfo's Ring in northern Salemi, and to cause earthquakes.

Mayor Wilfrid Gaunt

Mayor of Gelt Town, in northern Yapen, and member of the Starfish Club.

Saint Geraint {r}

An abbot of Salemi, he wished to be buried in the open, that the Dramaturge's holy rain might wash his grave. His monks brought his coffin back inside, thinking such exposure disrespectful, but heavy rain persisted throughout the Duchy until they moved it back out again.

King Geraint of Pangaturan

Ruler of Pangaturan for the last twenty years {since his teens}, he is much loved by his people for his kindliness and generosity. In recent years he has tended to leave the business of government to his chief ministers and it is rumoured {outside Pangaturan} that his mental health is unstable.

Merindyn Gheran

Author of On Fraud, the publishing sensation of the decade, in which Church and State are condemned roundly for their inequity, he is a leading figure in The Futurians. No more is known about this man of mystery, although some have identiifed him with Mollin Cant.

Mistress Glossop

Citizen of Rangar who wrote to The Mimer's Well in effusive praise of the Heitman Kirkland. Cynics have cast doubt over her actual existence.

Glowing Blue Man, The

According to numerous eye-witnesses, seen running at incredible speed from Pell Enna towards Rangar in early Paopi of last year, the Man is naked and glows bright blue all over as though strongly phosphorescent. He has not been sighted since.

Professor Bernice Gold

Professor of Natural History at the University of Sahela, internationally renowned for her work on the comparative anatomy of marine vertebrates.

Lady April Golding

Daughter of Lord Golding, a wayward and impulsive young lady prominent in Galena's social scene.

Lord Artur Golding

First Secretary for Trade to the Lapangi Empire, one of the Empress's most trusted ministers.

Rt Hon Sarah Golding

Lady-in-Waiting to Empress Juliana, and niece to Lord Golding.

Inver Gordon

Sahelan grain merchant, renowned for his heavy drinking.

Queen Grace {r}

Queen of Pangaturan in the early ninth century, she was notable for her crusade against witches, which saw several hundred boiled alive. Saint Forcetint assisted her in this great endeavour.

Philip Graveside

Newly-appointed Council Member of the Royal Exploratory Commission, Rangar, with responsibility for announcements to the press.

Hierarch Pablo Grazio

Hierarch of Galena, the Empire's senior churchman, a strong voice for orthodoxy. He is believed very close to the Empress's thinking and policy.

Captain Marcus Greene

Captain in the Rangar City Watch, thought by some to be closely tied to Heitman Kirkland. He seems to be investigating officer of choice for the Watch's more 'sensitive' cases.

Doctor Farley Grimes

One of Sahela's most successful private physicians.

Captain Peter Grimes

Commander of the Royal Oak in Pangaturan's current colonial venture.

King Gustav 'the Old' of Tobolsk {r}

Last King of Tobolsk, he named his great-niece Juliana of Lapang his heir in preference to his grandson Adolphus. This inheritance precipitated the foundation of the modern Lapangi Empire.

Equester Sandal Gutman

Chamberlain to His Majesty King Geraint at the Legacy Palace.

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- H -

Kristine Hamm

Sahelan merchant, dealer in glass and porcelain whimsies, she has been active in opening up the land of Kufra to northern traders.

Clifton Hampden

Athricol merchant who has helped develop Pangaturan's trade with Kufra, brother-in-law of Rory and Stanton Harcourt.

Squire Rory Harcourt {r(?)}

Central Pangaturese landowner, elder brother of Stanton Harcourt, disappeared in Silloth of this year. Now believed dead in a quarrel over a woman: one Marek Thornassun has been charged with his murder.

Equester Stanton Harcourt

Noted member of Pangaturan's Royal Exploratory Commission, sailed with Pressman and with Mainwaring: now retired to Rangar, his recent lectures have been successful in recruiting would-be colonists. He was recently knighted into the Equestrian Order of Saint Aoradh.

Achmed Hassan

Kufrish scholar now resident in Lalgola, specialist in the flora of Nevatan and Galiche.

Lady Haverhill

Former mistress of King Geraint noted for her extravagance of dress. She is the mother of the King's natural son, the young Duke of Athricol.

Dame Fale Hawthorne

Galenan travel writer.

Hierarch Duer, The

Second-in-command under the Hierarch Prime, she is responsible for the bulk of the Pangaturan Way's administration.

Hierarch Prime, The

Leader of the Pangaturese faithful, his views on Improvisation have brought him into conflict with the orthodox wing, as represented chiefly by Hierarch Grazio.

Blind Hod

Samarindan crippled beggar, usually found outside the Guildhall.

Admiral Horza

High Admiral of Pangaturan, believed to be a member of a modern Cabal, if such exists. Certainly a close adviser of the King. It is hoped that his deputation to lead a flotilla against Sibutani warships and privateers off Yapen will make those waters safer for all.

Equester James Huggett

Pangaturan's ambassador to the Imperial court in Galena, a voice of moderation in the current religious difficulties.

Mary Huggett

Eighteen-year-old second daughter of Equester James Huggett, she is reputed to be cayying on an affair with a member of Princess Sharia's household. She has recently been kidnapped, and her safety is greatly feared for.


Controversial Galenan sculptor, he rejects the academicism of the likes of Butte and prefers the 'Realism' style. His subjects are almost invariably clothed.

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- I -

Inheritors, The

Terrorist organisation active throughout Lapang and Pangaturan, their leader is thought to be Mollin Cant. Not the same as The Futurians.

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- J -

Carla Jacobin

Founder and editor of Unusual magazine, Salemi: a well-known connoisseur of the Strange.

Water Jacobin

Manager of Vaucanson Frears antique dealers, of Anchor Street, Rangar.


Known as Lady of the Skies or as The Huntress, an ancient pagan deity.

Ishmael Jarndyce

Wool merchant of Athricol, Councillor and prominent Rotator, he has recently been captured by bandits in Bodger's Forest off the King's Highway.

Melchior Jaspoer {r}

Noted Lalgolan scholar, astrologer and alchymist, after being publicly disgraced he fled to Pell Enna, where he soon was Laid to Rest.

Master Jonkyn {r}

Possibly fictitious scholar of the University of Galena, he is known for choking a boar to death on Craddock's Hill with a volume of Stevinus, on the Fifteenth of Parmuthi 782. The event is commemorated each year by the Boar's Head Feast.

King Juan of Lapang {r}

The last King of Lapang, when he died in 991 he left his niece Princess Juliana heir to a realm economically almost ruined by warfare.

Empress Juliana of Lapang

Elected to the throne at the creation of the modern Lapangi Empire in 991 {formerly Princess of the old Kingdom of Lapang and heiress to the Kingdom of Tobolsk}. Widely loved throughout her domains, she is a firm ruler who has mostly been concerned with holding together this vast and unwieldy realm.

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- K -

Duke of Kabiri, The

Empress Juliana's first cousin and heir, he stood against her in the election to the Imperial throne in 991. He is renowned as a patron of the arts.

Kafdan 'the Crafty'

Kufrite writer on the transmutation of metals.

Karl Kendles {r}

Political and economic philosopher of ninth-century Galena, believed that monarchical systems of government should be overthrown and replaced with a 'dictatorship of the peasantry'. His works are outlawed throughout Lapang and Pangaturan.

Ivor Klebb

Obscure Galenan mycologist.

Valentine Kincade

Dilettante and philanderer of central Pangaturan, son of merchant Adlon Kincade and brother of Colonel Elias Kincade.

Heitman Kirkland

Commissioner of Rangar City Watch and a close adviser of King Geraint, as well as holding large former Crown lands in central Pangaturan. He was born a commoner.

Lieutenant Jorge Kolderer

Recently-commissioned officer in the Sahelan Marine Regiment, now posted to Filly there to command a patrol boat.

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- L -

Captain Anton Leboeuf

Officer in the Lapangi Imperial Guard, he was part of the Pangaturese Embassy action.

Count Ledbury {r}

Unpopular Lord Protector of Pangaturan during Moritz III's minority, member of the original Cabal.

Michael Lever

Sahelan publisher, owner of Upshot & Lever's press on Shallow Row.

Medarch Ceir Lindos {r}

Popular Rangar priest savagely beaten by thugs outside the Roaring Donkey tavern. He later died of his wounds.

Saint Lucrezia {r}

She was pestered by a pagan noble who wished to wed her for the beauty of her eyes. She tore them out and sent them to him on a platter, saying 'Now let me live my life to the Dramaturge!'

Prompter Richard Lutyens

Prompter of Barrowdale: one of the few survivors of the Morning Rose disaster, he wrote an account of it which truly chills the blood.

Nero Lymescale

Assistant to Willoughby Marsh as The Mimer's Well's Yapen correspondent, and brevet-Lieutenant in the Gelt Town militia.

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- M -

Jayef MacEnedee

Samarindan by birth, now resident in Sahela and working for Davril Trimble, he first made his name as a salt trader with Stenn Mikkel.

Magna Lirium Boy, The {r?}

A boy, or small figure, dug up at the ruined Ancient Lapangi site of Magna Lirium in the ninth century. Thought by the credulous to be a mummified leprechaun.


Ill-fated Pangaturese explorator, he was lost during a voyage to Maceros.

Captain Makins

Samarindan naval commander, heroine of the Yapeni war and captain of the Queen Kilda, sunk by Sagar off Filly last summer.

Doctor Richard Mallory

Chief physician aboard the forthcoming Pangaturese colonial expedition.

Equester Gerald Malynes

One of Pangaturan's leading lights in the field of economic thought, his new book Mercantilism is prompting much learned talk in Rangar's salons and cofee-houses.

Lady Veronica Manick

Noted slave-trader based in Port Levaca.

Doctor Theophile Marchant

Lapangi doctor, personal physician to Princess Sharia's household and member of the Athenaeum of the University of Galena, he has recently been abducted together with Mary Huggett, and his safety is feared for.

Prince Marcus of Lapang {r}

Cousin of Empress Juliana, he died in young adulthood.

Marcus, Duke of Atrabil

Elder son of Prince Marcus and Princess Sharia, third in line to the Lapangi Empire.

Equester Margulies

Private Secretary to King Geraint, possibly a member of the modern Cabal {if such a thing can be said to exist}.

Willoughby Marsh

Yapen correspondent to The Mimer's Well.

Hadrian Martinu

Celebrated Lapangi painter, best known for his much-copied portrait of Empress Juliana at eighteen, its striking likeness thought to have been an important factor in securing her election to the throne.

Tewfiq al-Mashood

Kufrish ambassador to Sahela.

Anqelique Masparo, the Hierarch Trey

Number three in the Pangaturese church, she is seen as the main provider of Rangar's missionary energy.

Queen Matilda of Tobolsk {r}

Founder of the Ragnhild Dynasty, first ruler of the unified Kingdom of Tobolsk, she ascended the throne in 672 after the Union of Trabisk.

Arthur Medenham

Bailiff of the Mellangoose estate in central Pangaturan.

Walter Merrick

Rangar coal chandler who recently broke his leg in a struggle with smugglers.

Guildmistress Stenn Mikkel

Member of the Samarindan Guild Council, she is one of the city's largest salt traders.

Mimer's Well, The

The Wheel's premier journal, providing news, information and lavatory paper to all the civilised lands. It is edited in Sahela by Yoffy Tektos and Nelly Chirk, and its journalists include Darius de Profundis, Mousa Broach, Willoughby Marsh, Ariel Bender, Persile Vetch and many others.

Saint Moel {r}

Patron of seafarers, he was a smuggler in life before being converted by Monksilver to the Dramatic Way, and went on to convert the Yapenis. 'Saint Moel's Fire' is the name given to the light that hangs around mastheads in tropical storms.

Saint Monksilver {r}

Founder of the Dramatic Way religion, he is reputed to have come from the West riding a silver dragon, and bearing the holy book the Lines. Within a matter of years the Dramatic Way had swept through the dying Ancient Lapangi Empire, displacing former pagan beliefs utterly, and is now universal throughout the civilised Wheel. He is buried on Palawan.

Violetta Montacute, ex-Baronne of Rast

The Montacute family were closely tied to the House of Ragnhild, longtime rulers of Tobolsk before the formation of the Lapangi Empire, and Baronne Violetta called for the crown of Tobolsk to be returned to young Crown Prince Adolphus, whom she claimed to have found. In defiance of the Empress she had the child crowned, and now sits under sentence of treason.

Saint Montgolfo {r}

One of Saint Monksilver's early followers, he is best known for bringing the Lines to Salemi.

Hierarch Euan Morgan

The Hierarch of Sahela: generally seen as a politician rather than a man of great faith.

King Moritz II {r}

Eighth-century ruler of Pangaturan and noted warrior, he died leaving his only son an infant.

King Moritz III {r}

Eighth-century King of Pangaturan, during his minority the kingdom was ruled by the Cabal, and he needed a Riberan army to set him on his throne.

Mountebanks' Club, The

High-social-status dining and duelling club at the University of Galena.

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- N -

Hierarch Clarence Newlands {r}

Hierarch of Gelt, supervising the northern part of Yapen. An elderly, pompous and much-loved man, he died tragically during the fire at the Auditorium. He was a member of the Starfish Club.


The so-called 'Demon Poet' of Pell Enna.

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- O -

Odense Olten

Sahelan inventioneer, currently researching into human-powered flight.

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- P -

Giuseppe Paninaro

The great Riberan counter-tenor, whose voice was compared by the Earl Chevalier to the ringing chords of the Overture itself.

Master Pantling

Steward of Villus Castle, in northern Yapen.

Sieur Jaime Paravane

Of noble Lapangi birth, an influential member of the Pangaturese Royal Exploratory Council, despite having never been to the colonies himself.

Joan Pathway

Noted cat-burglar of Galena, arrested this last Nishi and charged with a large number of offences.

Carol Pentangeli

Director of the Historical Institute of Salemi.

Duke Philip 'the Unfair' of Salemi {r}

Ninth-century ruler of Salemi, renowned for the cruelty of the punishments he exacted against suspected traitors.

Lars Picaro

Poet of Rangar. His work has met with critical acclaim and public execration in equal measure.

Martin Pike

Leader of Sahela's Guild Council and thus notionally of the city, he leads the Exchequer party and is seen as a conservative.

Saint Polixenes {r}

While still pagan he was remarkable even among the ancients for his appetite for loose women of the streets. After conversion he set up a hostel for these unfortunates, and lived happily among them in chastity for the rest of his days.

Willa Praed

Noted classicist at the University of Galena.

Lal Pressman {r(?)}

Council Member and formerly Scientific Officer of the Pangaturese Royal Exploratory Commission, he has recently disappeared. In his youth he was a noted Explorator and led several expeditions to Maceros, as well as sailing to Tulean with Wittenham Clumps.

Prince of Thar, The

Great-uncle of Empress Juliana, he is well advanced into his dotage.

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- Q -

Rear-Admiral Fortunata Quidarbi

Rising star in the Imperial Navy, and currently Lapangi Ambassador to Sahela. She is also Baronne of Fonesca, in northern Lapang Province.

Don Pascale Quidarbi

Galenan diplomat, formerly Second Secretary at the embassy in Lalgola, he is now a member of Hierarch Grazio's staff. He is the younger brother and heir of Rear-Admiral Quidarbi.

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- R -


Obscure poet, possibly from Galena, whose work is currently greatly in vogue among the young of Sahela.

Sean Ramsbottom

Pangaturese man of affairs, founder of the Starfish Club in Gelt Town.

Shakoor Rana

Kufrish merchant and scholar, currently in Galena.

Count Rattray

Close adviser of King Geraint. During the Colonial War he served with distinction in the Pangaturese Army, his company capturing and holding a Samarindan fort for three days before being relieved.

Clarissa, Countess Rattray

Wife to Count Rattray, her hopes of inheriting the Heitmanate of North Yapen were dashed in favour of her sister Lady Cordelia Villus.

Sieur Jaime Reconcavo

Musical composer, inventor of the ars nova, resident of Kabiri.

Major Mark Relf {r}

Confidential agent of King Geraint, he recently rounded up a Sibutani spy ring in Gelt Town, precipitating a naval bombardment. Sadly, he died in an assault on the Sib attackers.

Professor August Rhineholt

Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Galena, and President of its Athenaeum: a renowned scholar of the age.

Tobias Rogut

Proprietor and barkeeper of the Bull's Breath tavern, on Sahela's Snake Street.

Rotators, The

Orgainsiation of Pangaturese businesspeople, baserd primarily in Athricol: noted for their good works and charitable activity.

Royal Exploratory Commission, The

The means by which Pangaturan has been able to dominate the oceans and colonies, the REC, includes among its members Stanton Harcourt, Willem Barskin, Lal Pressman, Wittenham Clumps, Jaime Paravane and Philip Graveside.

Walter Ruff

Sahelan stone-mason, Standby Master to Carrie Flail and Xavier Viron on the new Guildhall.

Abbot Julia Ruysdael

Leader of the Introspectory of St Darius, near Samarinda.

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- S -

Captain Sagar {r}

Pangaturese ship commander whose rashness was responsible for Velbert's defeat off Filly last summer. During the Colonial War he captured the Seahorse.

Spiro St Montgolfo

Staff journalist with Unusual magazine, based in Salemi.


Properly Suor Sakahalin, an Introspector of the Company of Saint Aula but best known as the age's foremost religious artist. Her re-painting of the Adderbury Playhouse has signalled the declaration of a Holiday by the Dramatarch.

Raphael Sanzio {r}

Noted Lapangi painter of the Early Dramatic period, he is also known as the 'Master of the Ten Thousand Virgins'.

Victor Schonheit {r}

Co-proprietor of the Pell Enna builders' merchants Schonheit Supplies, he was a victim of the North Bar fire of last Nodele.

Captain Athanasius Scrope

Merchant captain of Davril Trimble's fleet, based outside Sahela, he lost his wife several years ago and has the reputation of a loner. He is renowned as a bloody fighter with the cutlass.

Etta Severin

Daughter of Septimus Severin and active in the social life of Sahela, her engagement to Rogier Threlfall was called off last Nodele, causing great excitement to some in that city. She is now romantically linked with Peter Pike, son of Guild Council leader Martin Pike.

Septimus Severin

Sahela's largest shipowner, a great rival of Davril Trimble.

Princess Sharia of Lapang

Widow of Empress Juliana's cousin Prince Marcus, she and her family live in the Dower House in Galena.

Jaime Sillavi {r}

Successful Galenan house-builder, he recently died in mysterious circumstances. Poison is supected.

Professor {Emeritus} Tallow Slumgullion

Widely-respected Galenan academic, his interests range from botany to celestial mechanics.

Ishmael Smalldrake

Rangar's most noted alchymist, he was recently hired by the Royal Exploratory Commission to test their food for poison.

Admiral Victor Snetchuk

The Sahelan Navy's most senior officer, now largely retired because of advancing age.

Palomino, Earl Snoresby

Second child of Prince Marcus, one of Empress Juliana's closest living relatives, thought by some to be a rather wayward youth given to ways of pleasure.

Commander Carey Sparge

Lost his leg serving under Captain Sagar in the Colonial War, alongside Aneurin Betheran, and now works as Naval Aide to the Domna of Yapen.

Starfish Club, The

Charity founded to aid widows and orphans of Sibutani slaving raids on Yapen.


Greatest philosopher of Ancient Lapang, author of On Changes in Names of Fish, On Bee-keeping, and the Tribadia, among many others.

Callow Stringley

Tobolsk reporter for The Mimer's Well, a youth with much ahead of him.

Suzerain of Kufra, The

Absolute ruler of Kufra, the current Suzerain has been more eager than his predecessors to forge links with the civilised world, exchanging a number of embassies. He is addressed as Your Magnificence.

Dame Emilia Sware

Historian based at the University of Rangar, daughter of Dame Melissa Sware.

Dame Melissa Sware {r}

Pell Enna benefactress, she founded the town's Library in the hope it would foster a centre of learning to rival Galena or Sahela.

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- T -

Tallius {r}

Wise scholar of the Ancient Lapangi Empire, he propounded the theory of humours still valid today. His Discourses, a series of metaphysical discussions with a group of imaginary friends, are also of great value.

Barnaby Tedesco {r}

Lapangi architect noted for his classical simplicity of line in an age of excess. His best building is the Dower House in Galena.

Yoffy Tektos

Co-editor of The Mimer's Well, a citizen of Sahela.

Martin Teppis {r}

Seaman on the Morning Star crew under Captain West, he died in an unfortunate gunnery accident during early sea trials.

Doctor Theo Tern

Former Secretary to the Athenaeum of the University of Galena.


Famed multiplying cat of Galena's Bankside, her owner is Mistress Willow.

'Slippy' Trace

Leader of the gang that dominates the Sahelan dockland, linked by loosemouths to Davril Trimble.

Maria Trelliscote, Domna of Yapen

The feudal ruler of Yapen under King Geraint, she is a firm leader who is sometimes criticised for failing to strengthen the island's defences in the face of Sibutani slave raids.

Sarabinda Trelliscote {r}

The first Domna of Yapen, and foster-mther to King Michael.

Baron Tremenelo

Lapangi noble, one of the largest landholders in Salemi province.

Lady Veronique Tremenelo

Daughter of Baron Tremenelo, she has lived in seclusion these past four years after an illicit affair of the heart ended in disaster.

Jane Trevelyan

Master of the Brave Euan, out of Yapen Town, recently robbed by allegedly-Sibutani privateers.

Mayor Karl Triet

Mayor of Corners, in the Ribero plain, he led his people's resistance against the annual churro this year.

Davril Trimble

Sahelan banker, the city's and possibly the world's richest man, he financed Princess Juliana's campaign for the Imperial throne. Many suspect him of a sinister influence over the city's Guild Council. He is known to be eager to further develop Sibutan's colonies in Nevatan. He is also a noted host.

Rachel Trube

Acquisition manager for Septimus Severin in Sahela, currently working on the former naval dockyard soon to be turned into the Kufrish Emporium.

Berry Trudge

Sib spy and traitor recently broken out of the Gelt Town militia's temporary headquarters.

Queen Tulean of Pangaturan {r}

The grandmother of the current King, Geraint.

Jacob Tulley

Merchant of Ribero.

Arsenio Tumelo

Noted Galenan artist.

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- U -

Arturo Ui

Commissioner of the Ribero Gendarmerie.


Salemi's magazine of the Strange, edited by Carla Jacobin, its staff includes Spiro St Montgolfo, Rosa Datmel, Wilf Blossom and Darius de Profundis. Its motto is 'The Truth Is In Here'.

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- V -

Rear-Admiral Velbert

Pangaturese naval commander, he was defeated in last summer's engagement off Filly thanks to the rashness of Captain Sagar.

Claudia Vaucanson {nee Ferragamo}

Salemi noblewoman, wife of the Chevalier de la Rose.

Maurice Vaucanson, Chevalier de la Rose

Agent of Hierarch Grazio, he is also linked to the Mountebanks' Club and has lectured on the subject of the Flaming Wheel.

Captain Sarah Velm

Garrison commander of Gelt Town, Yapen, head of the town's militia and its Donjon.

Captain George Venables

Moral Welfare Officer at the Sahelan Marine Regiment's training institution, an authoritative yet well-loved figure.

Rudi Vengloss {r}

Leader of the 'White Feather' movement that called for Pangaturese acquiescence during the Colonial War, he was boiled alive in Rangar in 986, just two months before the armistice was signed.

Natia Verrule

An aide of Davril Trimble's and closely trusted by him in many delicate matters.

Rachel Vesticote

Pell Enna trader in Galena, one of those troubled by the civic unrest there: her son Mellon, 14, was recently assaulted in the street.

Persile Vetch

Pangaturese correspondent of The Mimer's Well.

Captain Julius Vickery

Officer in the Lapangi Imperial Guard, he was part of the Pangaturese Embassy action.

Heitman Austin Villus {r}

Ruler of northern Yapen and seen as the Domna's right hand, he was recently poisoned by Sibutani agents.

Heitman Cordelia Villus

Younger daughter of Austin Villus, she inherited the Heitmanate of North Yapen this summer. Her planned wedding to Heitman Kirkland has now ben called off.

Nicodemus Vincenzo

Lalgolan poet and scholar, now working as a tutor in Pell Enna.

Lothar Vinculos

Galenan scholar of the early religions, former colleague of Lucien de Treville.

Xavier Viron

Noted Samarindan stonemason, who worked under Darkev to finish Sahela's Guildhall after Carrie Flail's accident.

Equester Terril Vise

Business agent to Count Rattray and brother to the late Pimar Vise, Pangaturese secret agent.

Ceme Vissos

Young and enterprising eel trader based in Samarinda, she wrote about her voyage through the Chilaw Passage in The Mimer's Well.

Chula Vista

Sahelan metallurgist and mining engineer: foremost in her field on the Wheel, she has transformed the production of several important minerals by the development of novel extractive techniques.

Emperor Vorax {r}

Last ruler of the Ancient Lapangi Empire, his dominion was ended by the followers of Monksilver and his line extinguished.

Tilda 'Tilly' Vosburgh {r}

Famous witch of ninth-century Yapen, she was reputed a priestess of Jaculi and served a term as Mayor of Gelt Town, before being boiled alive by Queen Grace and Saint Forcetint.

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- W -

Prompter Jenna Wade

Prompter of Carnivi, in central Pangaturan, she reviewed Medarch Cypria's The Lord Is My Heitman for The Mimer's Well.

Q Walberguyse

Sibutani spy who posed as cook to Heitman Villus – suspected of his poisoning.

Alys Walker

Secretary to the Pangaturese Royal Exploratory Commission {this is an administrative post, rather than an honorary one}.

Major Catherine Weighell

An officer in the Fonescan Regiment, currently based in Galena's Exercise Barracks.

Captain Mary Welch

Chief Commander of Septimus Severin's merchant fleet, a strict captain, she is a great asset to his empire. Romatically linked by some loosemouths to Captain Rollan West. She captains the Take Back Plenty, soon to leave Sahela on the Filly convoy.

Trudy Weller

Partner in Calshot & Weller, scientific instrument makers of Galena.

Prompter Gavel Wells

Prompter of Shellowby village, in central Pangaturan.

Watcher Wendel {r}

First victim of the Bat-man of Rangar, he was a holder of the lowest rank in the Rangar City Watch.

Desiree West

Sahelan inventioneer, creator of the alarm hourglass, the hand-cranked washing-machine, and the magnetic chessboard.

Captain Rollan West

Sahelan shipowner and retired naval officer, part of the Morning Star team and son of Desiree West.

Professor Daria Whitaker {r}

Lapangi scholar, member of the Athenaeum of the University of Galena, specialist in the study of poisons.

Count Widthrope {r}

Loyalist to Moritz III who had the Cabal executed, and was rewarded with extensive estates in the southlands.

Saint Wilbrod {r}

Pangaturese holy man who converted many of the marshfolk of the southlands before being burned in a wicker-man in 542. His shrine is to the north of Sahela {for some reason}.

Ossek Wilder {r}

Noted Lapangi wit and raconteur of the 30s, he was nigh-on destroyed by a scandal involving the son of the Marquess of Berrisneuk.

Rabi Wilfando {r}

Lapangi poet of the sixth century, famed for his tragic epics, which on occasion were known to runt o several volumes of deathless verse.

King William 'the Justiciar' {r}

Third ruler of Pangaturan, he is revered for instituting that nation's system of criminal justice.

Bertha Willingale

Gelt Town Councillor, Treasurer and successful lawyer, a member of the Starfish Club.

Carrie Willis

The oldest woman in Pangaturan, possibly the world: a resident of Long Compton.

Lady Mary Philippa Woodvine

Owner of the Mellangoose estate in Central Pangaturan, widow of Equester Walter Woodvine and daughter of Lapangi scholar Lucien de Treville.

Captain Samanda Wrigglesworth

Pangaturese naval officer of ten years' service, she commands the Queen Tulean on the current colonial expedition. She was wounded in the guts during the Colonial War, and some have whispered that she turned to drink to assuage her ills.

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- Y -

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- Z -

Madame Zoraya

Kabirian entertainer, supplier of ballets de cour to the Duke's court.

Martin Zord

Sahelan architect and bon viveur, famed for his extensive wine cellar and affable manner.

Howard Zway

Council Member of the Pangaturese Royal Exploratory Commission, known for his outspoken views. He is viewed as something of a 'loose cannon' by other Council Members.

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