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Board and card games

I'm keeping here the files for various board and card game designs that I occasionally work on. (I really ought to update this page, there've been a load more recently.)

Nice One Squirrel!

The card game of rabid (possibly) squirrels, desperately scrabbling for the optimum combination of tasty nuts to stash away for the winter. Print it out and then play it with your friends! It needs a bit of playtesting, particularly for numbers other than four players. Download a copy as a PDF and give it a go!

Shape Up!

A microgame consisting of just 18 cards. Quite abstract, but fun if you like that sort of thing! Here's the PDF of my last version of it. It's since been published by Good Little Games and that version can be found here. The Good Little Games version looks much nicer, but my old version includes some extra cards to play an expanded version of the game. Try both, why not!

Potion Commotion

Rival sorcerors must travel around the board gathering ingredients to make potions, which can be kept for victory points or used to do stuff on the board. In the first version, they also built the map from tiles, but now we have a fixed map on which routes must be built. Still in early design, here are the current notes (MS Word doc).

Pieces of Eight! – the boardgame

No relation to the PBM game, but it's too good a name not to re-use. Here's the current rules – the complicated version (PDF) or a simplified version with no crewing (MS Word doc).