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Online games

Over the years we've designed and developed various online games, mostly of a strategic nature. Because these were all closed-ended projects, none of them are still currently live. But there are various screenshots, materials etc that we will be adding under this page.

Croydon 2040

A project for Croydon Borough Council, Croydon2040 was a competition involving teams from schools, colleges and youth groups across the borough. It gave young people the chance to take control of Croydon and make the decisions that the Council, NHS Croydon and the police make every day. The game lasted over 10 weeks, each week representing 3 years of the future of Croydon. Each week the teams were presented with a set of policy decisions, budget allocations and so on, together with their likely effects on aspects of life in the borough, approval of interest groups, etc: plus a set of metrics and statistics feeding back on the effects of their decisions so far. At the end of the game, each team could see what their particular future Croydon would be like, based on the decisions that they had taken. And prizes were awarded!


For Red Emperor Games. An empire-building strategy game played out across world history. As a succession of new empires arose, players bid to control them, then gave orders to develop, expand, clash and conquer. They could also control minor kingdoms and barbarian tribes, to support their main empires or cause tourble for other players. The knack of the game was strategic planning for your empire's inevitable decline: you needed to have something in place to replace it, otherwise the other players would gleefully feast on its remains. With dozens of different military unit types and so on, it was quite a complex and involving game. There were also variants, eg. Saga which was based around the Norse conquests of Britain.


A simplified version of Empires, for people to play as a quick fix or alongside an Empires game. I (Mo) was actually much better at this one: I always got trounced at Empires.


For Digital Mind Games. An economic strategy game of building things and making things, some of which you could use to make other things, and selling things, and… The game started very simple but became more involved as you went on: you could recruit specialized members of staff, add new departments, manage media relations, and so on. (Including various secret powers, such as developing a 'black ops' department that could assassinate rival players' key staff members.)

Race for Eternity

Also for DMG, this was quite a simple game of galactic expansion and conquest. It had a rather exciting analogue interface! – well, it was exciting at the time… this was quite a while back now, in the days before Flash and so on.

Web of Intrigue

An unusual game design where you played a secret society trying to manipulate the world to your benefit. The 'board' consisted of various people, organizations, countries and so on that you could exercise your powers upon, in competition with the other players. The twist was that you could sometimes rearrange the tiles that made up the board in various ways, to improve your combinations.