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Events of Note

Spring Year 1

The archmage, Skah is assassinated during a massed meeting of the world's mages. Solist terrorists are blamed. At the same time, the four Watcher Lords of north Bernea are attacked and killed by barbarian elves.

Summer Year 1

Barbarian elves launch a series of raids on north Bernean settlements. In the south, the Taskmaster of Meridar attempts to broker a trade agreement with Squill. In the city of Cleon, the young Jad Arden gains backing from the Brown Friars in his bid to become emperor, a position that has remained empty since the fabled Jade Throne was destroyed centuries ago. On the Gershan continent there has been no word from the Solist leader, Amphion, but the nomad camps in the Silver Desert have been closed off for some months.

Autumn Year 1

Barbarian attacks culminate in twin raids on the Bernean cities of Kalofane and Ambar. The Bernea Trading Company (BTC) is established as a credible defence force by Master Gromicron, owner of the Magick Shop chain. The Brown Friars oppose the move. The Watcher Towers are rebuilt under the supervision of Rakim the Raucous Red Rover and Captain Vohra the Red.

The prophet Amphion attacks and takes control of the Emerald Mines in the Silver Desert. The cities of Niu, Masud and Ottah respond by outlawing Solism. King Akhenaten of Masud begins assembling an army.

Winter Year 1

A famine in North Bernea is narrowly avoided. The barbarian elves withdraw. There is a surge in the popularity of Solism across Bernea, resulting in a number of attacks on mages and magic shops. The Taskmaster of Meridar begins to build a defence force. Laine Forrester, mayor of Squill, survives an assassination attempt engineered by a member of the town council. In Cleon, the Solists withdraw their support for Jad Arden.

On Gershan, a new mayor of Shu is elected with the backing of the Gershan church. A mystery thief roams the streets of Lorn, robbing from the rich to give to the poor. There are rumours of dragons in the Forbidden Mountains. Cimis takes a pro-magic stance, allowing the establishment of the G.R.O.S.S. mage academy. In the south, Amphion withdraws his forces from the emerald mines. But Lord Fale of Tredl, home of the Solist movement, has sent an army southwards, presumably to meet up with the prophet.

Spring Year 2

A barbarian fleet attempts to attack the coastland of north Bernea and is intercepted by a defence fleet led by Earendil the Mariner and Rakim the Red Ravager. The barbarians are driven back, but the very next day, the corpses of the dead crawl out of the sea and attack the lighthouse at Herrick's Watch.

In Squill, Laine Forrester is arrested for the attempted assassination of Bailiff Phila Naal of Sher. In Cleon, Jad Arden proclaims himself emperor and receives tribute from the Brown Friars, the northern defence fleet and many noble families.

On the Gershan continent, the Solist army, under the joint command of Amphion and Lord Fale, lay siege to the city of Niu. The emerald mines are taken over by the new Gershan Business Organisation, which promises better treatment for the mine slaves and increased profits.

Summer Year 2

The zombie hordes are destroyed after heavy losses. Jad Arden's coronation takes place in Cleon under heavy security. An emerald throne is constructed to replace the Jade Throne of legend.

In Sher, Phila Naal's librarian and assistant, Rupar, is arrested for treason. Veluta and Squill announce an alliance.

There is a Solist riot in Cimis, aimed at the GROSS headquarters. A botched magical experiment results in earthquakes and tornadoes that destroy half the city. Niu surrenders to Amphion. Rumours abound of conspiracies with dark powers. Some say the Conclave is not really dead but in hiding.

Autumn Year 2

Phila Naal is killed by a group of BTC soldiers led by Vohra the Red. Leaders in other cities are also targeted. Meridar's army takes over Sher and Rupar is instated as the new mayor. Herrick's Watch is rebuilt and Cleon celebrates the departure of an expedition headed by Earendil the Mariner to the legendary Lost Continent. The barbarian elves agree to a temporary truce to begin peace talks. Strange magical phenomena abound across Bernea.

On Gershan, GROSS withdraws from Cimis. Amphion sets his sights on Shu. And ritual murders in Lorn fuel fears that the country's leaders are in league with some secret evil. Because of the actions of GROSS, ill-feeling towards mages grows across both continents.

Winter Year 2

Peace talks with the barbarian elves continue. The emerald throne of Cleon is stolen. The prime suspect is Rakim the Red Ravager, who has fled the city. Squill, allegedly with the backing of the Brown Friars, goes to war against Meridar. The mage Magnus Thorne is cleared of murder. The Burnt Lands are said to be expanding.

Amphion goes to war against Shu. The Silver Desert Traders take an exploratory team to uncover the lost cities of the Silver Desert. More rumours come out that Empress Charis IV of Lorn is working with evil spirits and dark powers.

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