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Conclave - News and Notes Turn 6
Summer Year 2 - 54 months to Armageddon.


The North

Herrick's Watch is destroyed. The zombie soldiers that crawled out of the sea to attack the lighthouse appear to be the dead from the recent sea battle. Those who took part in the defence of the Watch say the zombies were almost unstoppable. The only way to destroy them was by magic, or by systematically chopping them into pieces, and anyone killed by the zombies instantly became another undead warrior. A massive effort by Rakim the Red Ravager, Earendil and Vohra the Red manage to turn back the attack, but how long will it be before there is another attempt of this sort, and where will the zombies strike next?

Following the terrible attack on the lighthouse at Herrick's Watch, some of the barbarian tribes appear to be losing their taste for war. Raids have been sporadic throughout the summer, easily dealt with by the Northern Defence force and the armed escorts on every BTC caravan. The Hooded Man appeared at Lord Scale's tower to call for a truce and to ask for the release of the captured elf, Carlos. When his negotiations failed, he helped Carlos escape. Draw your own conclusions from this. Captain Justin Trevalion, meanwhile, is still thought to be travelling in the barbarian lands in an attempt to begin peace talks. He's wasting his time, sadly. Everyone knows that the barbarians won't be happy until they have ravaged the whole of Bernea. The only solution is to wipe them out.


The Bard, Caldicot, has turned out to be a mage. That makes him a valid target for all Solist protestors, of course, and we would urge anyone concerned about the effects of magic on the world to take appropriate action. Having appeared briefly in Cleon to perform at the new emperor's coronation, Caldicot has returned to Penates where he is staying temporarily. He is performing at the city theatre three nights a week, and tickets are exchanging hands for upwards of ten gold pieces a time. The strangest thing is that people regard this terrible waste of money as something altogether necessary. "I must see him!" one woman shrieked, before falling down in a faint.


The mage Pock'H has taken his infernal mountain and flown it off somewhere else. After being spotted in several places across Gershan, it was last see flying eastwards out to sea. Good news for the residents of Bernea.

The coronation of emperor Jad-Arden took place under tight security and with much pomp and circumstance. Master Gromicron of the Bernea Trading Company made a rare public appearance, flanked by fifty guards. The bard Caldicot lead the choir in a grand anthem as the emperor made his way up the steps of the Jade Palace and took his place on the newly constructed throne. Pledging himself to the service of Cleon, he said he was not owned by any one noble House or political group and would do whatever was necessary to safeguard the north and restore Cleon to her former glory. Long live the emperor!


Trouble follows trouble. First an army was sighted, travelling at speed from Meridar. Then Rupar, scholar and librarian to Phila Naal was arrested on charges of conspiracy to carry out treasonous acts. The residents of Sher have put up with the Bailiff's political excesses so far, but now it has come to arresting innocent members of the public, and that is a step too far. All over the city, are notices proclaiming 'Free Rupar.' Guards have been attacked in the streets. Children have been caught throwing stones at the Bailiff's residence.

Squill has responded to the plea for help by sending a force of 800 men to Sher. Phila Naal has increased his personal guard tenfold, and the curfew is extended to cover the hours of 5pm to 8am. Rupar is to be executed as an example to all other would-be traitors.


The Countess Grimsby has formally announced an alliance with Squill 'for the purposes of trade and mutual defence.' The move has met with mixed reactions from the people of Veluta. Some see it as a good thing, others think that Squill stands to gain far more from the deal than Veluta. The Countess is a cunning woman, however, and an experienced statesman. It's highly unlikely that she would make any deal without being sure that Veluta came out on top.

The South

The Burnt Lands are growing - or so some people say. Apparently, only mages can sense the effect at the moment, but is this another case of mages spreading wild stories in the hope that we'll forget the damage they're doing to our world, or is southern Bernea really in danger of being swallowed up? It is too soon to say, but residents of south Bernea are warned to be on their guard. Just in case.


Solists attack Cimis!

Not as dramatic a strike as the siege of Niu, but a series of attacks have left a number of buildings damaged, seven people dead and many more injured. The attacks were centred around the GROSS premises in the city. Mayor Karagis, however, has given the mages permission to defend themselves by whatever means they see fit, and they took him at his word. Onlookers tell of great fountains of water, bolts of fire, men, women and children being lifted in the air and dashed to their deaths on the stones below.

This is the first uprising of its type in Cimis and Karagis has issued a statement saying the rioters had only themselves to blame and that accounts of events have been greatly exaggerated. Meanwhile, magical experimentation goes on, and mages are offered a safe haven. It is going to take more than a few rioters to drive them out of the city.

The Solist War

Niu has fallen. A futile attempt at defence by the River Cities' Army and Niu's own forces came to an end when the city leader, Lili Bann, issued a formal statement of surrender. Lord Fale, who is rumoured to be suffering an attack of madness as the result of a magical attack, was escorted into the city by his personal guard. He has issued the following statement:

Citizens of Niu,

This city is now in the hands of the Solists. You will find that life will continue much the same as before. Lili Bann will continue as head of the city under the guidance of the new Solist college. All Gershan churches and Bernean shrines are to be closed immediately and replaced with colleges of free-thinking. All mages are to give themselves up to the city council. All magical items, books and scrolls are to be surrendered to the Solist peace-keeping force. For the time being, we ask that all citizens remain in their homes during the hours of darkness. This is for their own safety. There is a reward of 100 gold pieces for any information leading to the arrest of the dwarven prophetess, Crazy Matti, and her companion. A reward of 50 gold pieces will be given for information leading to the arrest of any other mage or mage-sympathiser. Solist peace-keepers have full authority to search any person or home. This, again, is for your own safety.

We ask that you remain calm. The city is now under the protection of Tredl and will share in Tredl's wealth. All citizens will benefit. Except those endorsing the use of magic.

The prophet Amphion will be making a formal statement soon.

Finally, please note that someone is spreading a rumour that I was seen before the final battle, naked except for a pair of underpants on my head and two pencils stuck up my nose, shouting out snatches of poetry. This is wholly untrue. I was asleep at the time. I don't even know any poetry.

Thank you for your attention.


The new mayor, Cantius, has brokered a deal with the Gershan Business Organisation to facilitate the running of the Emerald Mines. From now on the GBO, which already controls the emerald trade for Masud, will oversee Shu's interest in the mine. The mayor says he looks forward to working with the GBO and expects to see improved profits very soon.


All is quiet in the Forbidden Mountains. The numbers of adventurers arrested for trespassing has decreased. There is still no word from the dwarf, Potus, who is said to be exploring the mountains with the permission of Taos' governor. Also missing is the dwarf Kareena. Among the visitors to Taos are the renowned adventurer, Brindan, and his sister, Rachel. Brindan appears to be suffering from some form of advanced leprosy. He swears it is not contagious, but people in the city are getting worried.


The mysterious Dagger has left the city. But first in Ottah and then in Masud, merchants have been robbed and bags on money have been left in Gershan churches to be distributed to the poor. Either the thief is on the move, or people are copying his crimes. The reward for his capture still stands - contact The Empress Charis of Lorn with any information.

From 'The Collected Prophecies of Mad Matti'

...And shall the wormless flee before the worthy, and the cities shall flourish in the belly of the worm. Lil' Timbo... liar, liar pants on fire. Who's not a naughty little boy, then? Necro, necro, necro, and the staffless shall be swept away.

From a group of nomads

Missing: Latcho Drom. Last seen setting off to examine the mysterious monolith in the Silver Desert, he has vanished without trace. Any information on his whereabouts will be most gratefully received.


Throughout Gershan and Bernea, rumours of conspiracy abound. Not too surprising, given the current events. Everywhere, there is talk that the city leaders are conspiring with a mysterious enemy to organise war between the poor. Some say the Conclave of mages is still alive, others that the war with the barbarian elves was deliberately engineered. And there are even stranger tales of miniature pink elephants bursting out of toilets. They at least can be disbelieved.

Turn 6 Subsidiary news

Catacylsm at Cimis!

The city of Cimis has been all but destroyed following an earthquake and a tornado, both the result of a magical experiment that went terribly wrong. There was also a huge explosion outside of Cimis: witnesses report seeing a dust cloud in the shape of a giant mushroom just before the tornado.

It is estimated that half the buildings in the city have been destroyed or damaged. Cracks have opened across some of the major roads, making transport difficult. The death toll stands at at least five hundred.

Kinnon, leader of the GROSS institution in Cimis has issued a statement saying the catastrophe occurred during a magical experiment carried out by the mage Lorthian and his colleagues. The mages have offered their help in repairing the city, an offer than has so far been refused by city leader, Karagis. Indeed, Karagis seems set to rethink the position of mages in Cimis following this disaster. For the safety of the citizens of Cimis, he must do so.

The good news is that Niu has settled down under the new leadership of the Solist faction. Sizeable rewards are offered for information leading to the arrest of mages and, as a result, several mages have been taken into Solist custody, where they are being well-treated.

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