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Date 12/03/99

From A. R. Stafford.

To: Operatives: Peter Gray, Alan Morrison; Agents: Ross Myers, Russell Osbourne, Sam Trend, Michael A. Williamson.

Subject: Reports of UFO activity in Pembrokeshire, South Wales.

Code: D/53/347/23b

Background Information:

Summer 1977, a large number of UFO sightings are catalogued by locals, tourists and investigators. These include:

1) flashing lights and strange flying discs hovering over Milford Haven.

2) concentrated activity at Lodge Farm, home of Garel and Susan Williams lasting a period of weeks and including UFO sightings, balls of light following farm vehicles and herds of cattle 'teleported' from one field to another.

3) a UFO landing outside a primary school. Twenty child witnesses see 'small grey men in shiny suits' alight and insert something that looks like a cattle prod into the ground. No trace of this instrument has ever been found, but levels of radioactivity at the 'landing site' are higher than normal for some time.

4) a giant squid, of genus Architeuthis, washed up dead on Manorbier's beach and found by scientists at the Orielton research station. More usually found in deep ocean, the creature measured a staggering 38 foot long and weighed over a tonne.

5) radio interference with boat and aircraft instruments across an area south of Manorbier.

6) a swarm of ladybirds blackening the skies on a day in August.

These events are well-documented in the book 'The Pembrokeshire Riddle' by Mike Wray.

Your Mission: Recent sightings of unexplained flashing lights on the beach at Manorbier suggest that the aliens may have returned. Your brief is to investigate the reports and ascertain whether this is, in fact, the case. Any new information concerning the events of 1977 will also be welcome.

Travel Arrangements: Coach departing Cardiff 12.00, arriving in Manorbier mid-afternoon. Erik and Theodore to make their own way to the UK, trains departing Heathrow to Cardiff every hour. All reasonable travel expenses for the duration of the operation will be met. Please keep receipts.

Destination and Cover Story: Manorbier is a small village on the south coast of Wales. A popular tourist resort in the holiday season, with much of the income of the are relying on the tourist trade, and on farming. You will be posing as a group of amateur marine biologists booked on a 1 week course at the Orielton marine biology research station, Manorbier. Course supervisor, Margaret Ferris, will meet you on arrival in Manorbier.

Your course has been organised by Expansion Holidays UK, 23-24 Eastway Road London SE1 3PW tel. 0171 256 1073. Calls to this number will authenticate your story. If you need to contact SITU's offices during the course of the investigation you may do so on tel/fax 0171 865 0088. This number must on no account be given to anyone outside the organisation. After using it on modern telephone systems you should enter another number to prevent use of any last number redial facility.

Expenses: SITU will reimburse Operatives for all reasonable expenses incurred during the investigation. Receipts will be required.

Extra-legal activity: All Operatives should be aware that, while they may choose to operate outside the Law, they are not above it. SITU does not condone or sanction unlawful activity of any nature. Note that SITU will not act on the behalf of an Operative who is cautioned, arrested, charged, etc, in the course of an investigation. Indeed, if an Operative were to attempt to contact SITU in such a situation, s/he would find all telephone numbers unobtainable and all addresses unoccupied.


Shane Kennedy (Russell Osbourne)

Gary Lewis (Michael A Williamson)

Peter Narborough (Peter Grey)

Neil Parham (Ross Myers)

Gordon Walker (Alan Morrison)

Richard Wing (Sam Trend)

Stuart Lorimer (Maddy Hook)


Debriefing Report

From A.R. Stafford

To Operatives: Russell Osbourne, Sam Trend, Ross Myers, Micheal A. Williamson, Alan Morrison, Madelaine Hook.

Subject: UFO Activity in Pembrokeshire, S. Wales.

Code: D/53/347/23b

Achievement of aims:

The whole group is to be warmly congratulated on its achievement. It appears that the reports of alien activity were partly hoax, organised by the hotelier Gwyn Montgomery, and partly linked to the Clachantyre incident of 1977. This was something that SITU had not anticipated and therefore your discovery of the Clachantyre alien and the recovery of the 'Old Man's Fingers' was more than the organisation could have hoped for.

It is unfortunate that the arrival of Vul Dragna put your cover story in jeopardy. Full marks to Russell for his efforts to maintain cover in very difficult circumstances. It was unfortunate but inevitable that Margaret Ferris decided to contact the police after your disappearance and we understand that several of you have already been called for interview regarding the break in at the primary school and the presence of Vul Dragna in the area. It appears that the police have accepted the probability that Dragna was responsible for the break-in and are therefore taking no further action.

As for Air Staff 2A, you were all unfortunately seen and recognised at Lodge Farm. Had it not been for Ross's shooting of Patrick Newsome, Air Staff might have been persuaded that you were working under Stewart's direction. As it is, however, the organisation is likely to be carrying out its own checks on all of you. We must stress how disappointed we are for this to have happened. Despite the apparent success of the mission, we cannot and will not condone the killing of Newsome. We understand that Ross had the best interests of the mission at heart and was forced to make a decision under a great deal of pressure. Yet it is actions of this sort that will bring us as an organisation into the greatest jeopardy and we stress that the using of lethal force must only be considered when there is no other option. Our policy clearly states that we will not support the extra-legal activities of operatives and, as such, agent Myers must bear full responsibility for his actions should there be any further repercussions.


The boat captain, Neil Chapman, having been told he was part of an undercover government operation has returned to work in the area. As far as we know, Air Staff 2A are unaware of his part in the escape. We have sworn him to secrecy on the events and as long as he keeps his promise he will be safe from investigation.

Tanya Green has is now living and working in Southampton. She reports that her dreams have ceased completely. Her application to join SITU is under consideration.

Chief Inspector Stewart is thought to have suffered a partial breakdown due to stress. After a brief stay in hospital he relocated to London where he is undergoing voluntary therapy.

Peter Gray was taken to Manorbier General hospital. After receiving only minimal treatment for gunshot wounds he vanished without trace. His current whereabouts is unknown.

Vul Dragna's body was never recovered. His is currently listed as missing presumed dead.

The alien - thanks to you, the alien and the fingers are both in SITU's possession. This may open up further avenues of investigation for us in the future which may, or may not, concern you.

Media reports - the official stance is that the alien sightings were the result of a clever hoax and the temporary quarantining of the area an unfortunate result of a chemical spillage. Substantial compensation has already been paid to several parties. Unofficially, there are reports of everything from real aliens and a government cover-up to a failed military experiment. There remains sufficient confusion to ensure the real story does not emerge. As yet there appears to have been no investigation into the death of Patrick Newsome. It is hoped that, due to the circumstances of the shooting, Air Staff 2A have decided to pretend the incident never happened - officially, at least. Family of the deceased, however, are demanding an open enquiry.

The Orielton Research Centre - After accepting a more than generous compensation package, (prompted, no doubt, by the scientists' threats to publish the results of soil analysis of the area), the centre is set to extend its laboratories. Phil Lake is continuing his investigations into the mutation of sea life.

Analysis has shown the metal recovered from the stomach of the giant squid to be part of a Samoyed-class Soviet nuclear sub. Long obsolete, all these were supposed to have been disposed of at the time of the breakup of the Soviet Union. It is unlikely that the squid would have attacked the submarine, and even less likely that it would have caused significant damage if it had. Most likely the metal was part of an existing wreckage. There is a very definite link here to the wreckage reported by Martin Hughes and it is entirely possible that the submarine could have been used to transport the comatose aliens. Who was transporting the aliens at that time, and how the submarine was destroyed remains a mystery.

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