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SITUation Report 3/98

The newsletter of the Society for the Investigation of the UNEXPLAINED, UK branch

A Note from the Editor

Dear friends,

Apologies for the shoddy look of this edition - the fire at Boundary Row has destroyed the computer we usually use for laying out SITUation Report, so I've lost all my lovely fonts! All I've got's this boring old Courier that came with the printer.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself, you should read on for news of the disaster.

In the mean time, if any of you have any nice TrueType fonts that you wouldn't mind copying to me, I'd be very grateful, and you'll all benefit. I've heard there's a thing called Fontographer which lets you design your own - does anyone know about this? I've got loads of ideas...

Anyway, for now, here's the sad news, then over to Russell Osbourne, one of our field operatives. I'm sure you won't mind my including a quick plug for Russell's new book - partly based on his SITU experiences! (With suitable censorship, of course.)

Until next time,

Paula Derrow


SITU's UK operation is still reeling from the destruction by fire last week, the 22nd of March, of its premises in Boundary Row, London.

Fortunately, thanks to prompt and speedy action by the organization's fire wardens, no-one was seriously injured - a handful of people were rushed to hospital with smoke inhalation problems, but no-one was held for more than a day.

'We can be glad that we're always prepared for any eventuality,' said G M Blaize, the official spokesperson on the incident.

For reasons which will be obvious to those of you who've been with SITU for some time, we can't discuss the suspected cause of the incident - not even we at SITUation Report know for sure! Senior members are receiving a separate briefing alongside this issue, apparently.

But G M Blaize did have this to say to everyone: 'Security is our most valuable weapon at SITU. Careless talk can cost lives, although fortunately it did not in this case.'

SITU - Out in the Fields

Click. Whrrr

"Come on. Come on, hurry up."


A:> edit situ.txt

Where do I begin. I suppose I might as well begin with where I am. I am sat alone in a disused room, on the upper storey somewhere in the west wing of Branston Hall. My name is Russell Osbourne. It is dark, the only light coming from the screen of my laptop computer. I am writing this message because I fear for my life, all of our lives. The cult, which appeared so innocent when we arrived has taken on a menacing atmosphere. Nina the new leader of the cult was stretched to breaking point by the recent circumstances, I think that she is capable of doing something rash, she is preparing for a siege and the police are gathering outside. Who is worse the madwoman who leads or the fools who follow her? Essawi needs watching, he has power. Two of our operatives have already succumbed to his will and what will happen at dawn tomorrow? The last 'visitors' to arrive have been confirmed as armed robbers and the case of money we found is large enough to kill for. Ross and Michael are with the gang at the moment. But possibly the most daunting aspect of the Hall are the tunnels that we have found. The howling is ear-piercing down there, we must have been close to its source. We are venturing down there again tonight, it is a prospect that I am not looking forward to. Sam is trying to help a child get out while it's still possible, why do these cults prey on children? I am writing this in the hope that if it all goes wrong then at least some record will be safe, I will try to get this disk to our contact in the village. When I joined SITU I never let myself think that my life may be endangered, at the moment that's all I can think about. I must stop now, earlier I accused Nina of being mad, maybe it is me, the above may be nothing more than the rantings of a madman. The prayer meetings may have affected me more than I realise, I attended all of them. If the above is unintelligible or too vague then I apologise but under the circumstances it is the best I can offer. I can hear someone approaching, this could be it...


SITU.TXT saved



Readers will be pleased to hear that Russell and most of his comrades returned safely from Branston Hall! - PD

(Russell's book cover should appear here, but something's gone wrong with the image!)

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