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Character list again

This isn't actually an in-game document – it's the list as in #10, but updated to the end of the campaign.

SITU - Out in the Fields

Aberg, Martyn – IT technician, had a disastrous falling-out with ‘Sean’ (Duncan Cockayne)23
Alnes, Dr Eric – retired physician and surgeon, philanthropist (Scott Norton)17,23,30
Anderson, ‘Side-step’ – debt collector and repo man, in a vampire-induced trance (Steve Penman)4,9,19,*
Bingly, Ferdinand – freelance IT consultant (Rob Sadler)6,12
Blayne, Iain – design engineer, once believed to have died in plane crash (Paul Bendall)7,13,18,25,32¤
Blyth, Isobel – housewife, part of White Alchemist breeding plan (Dawn Chamberlain)11,19,27,30
Bowater, James – confidence trickster (we now realize), impersonated Uriah Sutherland, location unknown (Gary Jones)7,*
Brickham, Will – professional diver (Geir Kaare Opheim)21
Callaghan, Lt Jack – US Navy lawyer, possessed by Egyptian magic, murdered by East End gang (Jocelyn Hutt)8,¤
Carter, Jake – anthropologist, University College, London (Antony Smith)3
Castellan, Mark – insurance investigator (Simon White)27
Culver, Dr Matt – lecturer in forensic psychiatry, infected with curious plague (Stuart Lorimer)4,9,19,27,30
Curry, Guy ‘Catspaw’ – private investigator (Gerry Duffy)16
Darken, Katrina – drug dealer (Nik Gibbons)22,31
Davies, Eddie – outdoor pursuits instructor (Dale Else)11
Dellis, Brian – recluse, former USAF pilot (Trey Stone)3
de Montfort, Rupert – disinherited aristocratic junkie (Stephen Taylor)14,20,25,32
Desade, Kassandra – exotic dancer and transvestite (Kevin Virgin)29
Dragna, Vul – Chicago mobster, crazed by alien artefact, shot by Ross Myers (Bob McLain)3
Drummond, Graham – early-retired art teacher and connoisseur of the weird (Anthony Dunks)29
Dupont, Jon – reporter, Toronto Today (Nick Marks)2
Fanlight, Reverend Jeffrey –vicar of St Mungo’s-in-the-Vestry, Stepney (Wendy Anne Prosser)6,12,22
Ferrocco, Gino – family lawyer (Sandya Holkar)6,12,22,31
Fitzwilliam, Richard – landowner (John Dolan)2
Flint, Robert Montague – anthropologist, reincarnation of Alexander the Great (possibly) (Simon Taylor)10,18,26
Forrester, Sonja – amanuensis (Rachel Hughes)24
Foster, Liz – dilettante Goth occultist (Chris Williamson)1
Garston, Nathan B – criminal psychologist (Kevin Virgin)16,24
Goodchild, Vera – newspaper proprietor and flawed Ubergirl (B K Morris)17,22,28
Gray, Peter – private detective, exposed as Government spy (Peter Narborough)15,*
Hackett, Claude – private investigator (Mo Holkar)1
Hain, Sam – psychic investigator (Tim Jacobs)27,28
Hamilton, John – chemical engineer, alias of Iain Blayne (Paul Bendall)25,32
Hansen, John – information broker, arrested for murder (John Hansen)3,*
Hardy, Major George Wellington – retired Army officer (Rob Sandy)14,20,25,32
Harlow, Phil – tabloid journalist (Mark England)20,25
Harper, Charlie – cycle gang member (Gary Jones)7
Harris, Mal – private investigator (Stephen R White)10,21
Hart, Karyn – conspiracy / occult journalist (Gary Lewis)14,32
Henry, John – rationalist writer (Wendy Prosser)4,9
Hobart, Jefferson ‘Jake’ – archaeologist / historian and Aboriginal dreamer (Brian Curtis)24
Hook, Maddy – occasional Big Issue vendor and chaos mage (Stuart Lorimer)5,13,15,21,25,29
Hyde, Tanya – jobseeker, seduced by Egyptian priest (Nicholas Barham-Hall)8,*
Kellsal, George – jobseeker (Nick Rowe)5
Keyes, Martin – petty crook, result of a failed breeding programme (B K Morris)23,32
Knight, Damien – FBI agent (Bruce Perry)5
Knight, Diana – graphic designer / artist (Karen Stevens)5,13
Larch, Lady Judith – wealthy widow, charitable worker (Rachel Lintern)16,24,29
Lazarus, Jason – film director, cracked under the strain (Keith Riley)21,*
Logan, Dr Michael – ancient historian, Sheffield University (Mike Parsons)2
‘Loki’ – computer consultant / hacker, rendered comatose by Himalayan villagers (Mark Hutton)10,18,*
Macdowell, Kris – librarian, Imperial College, London (Mel Dymond Harper)1,6,12,22,31
Maranello, Joe – ‘The Masked Magician’ (Mark Bean)26
Margeson, Alan – computer programmer, abductee (Gary Jones)13
Marwood, Antony – lawyer, alias of Greg Wentworth (Scott Norton)26
Masterson, Daniel – computer analyst, married Belle-Marie Prior (Gareth Williams)10,18,26,28
McBride, Sampson – boxing promoter, deported to the US (John Pritchard)3,*
McCabe, Donovan – Canadian Olympic pentathlete, downright weird (Hannah Lintern)16
McDonald, Ben – freelance journalist (Simon Cullimore)5
McGregor, Darius – would-be journalist (David Edmondson)4
McKenzie, Kyle – freelance geologist, claustrophobe (Mark Hirst)6,12
McShane, Nora – reporter, Australian Star, temporary SITU office assistant (Bhasker S J Pandya)7,13,18,25
Michaelson, Samantha – cat burglar (Graham Donald)20,25
Mirande, Celestina – occult bookseller and Voodoo priestess (Mia Hart-Allison)8,11,19
Montrose, Heather – enigmatic street kid (Emma Turton)16,29
Morrison, Alan – nightclub security guard (Gordon Walker)15
Muir, Corrin – archaeologist, Nottingham University (Stuart McKinley)5
Mulberry, David ‘Hound’ – investigative journalist (Andi Thornton)2
Myers, Ross – former paratrooper, killed in Paris by the Prieuré de Sion (Neil Parham)8,15,21,28
Nangi, Tanzan – Soto Zen monk (Richard Farquhar)8
Ndofir, Grace – anthropologist, decipherer of the ancient tongue of Mu (Graham Harper)1,6,12,22,31
Numenor, Father Jake – Vietnam veteran priest, hospitalised for criminal insanity (Chuck Miro)21
Numenor, Ned – journalist and paranoid (Chuck Miro)17,22,28
Osbourne, Russell – SF novelist (Shane Kennedy)8,15
Owara, Dexter – Nigerian Elvis impersonator (Larry Deyell)16,24,29
Parker-Davis, Taylor – model and heiress (Elaine Rose)17
Petherton, Liza – former model and designer (Emma Turton)24
Prior, Belle-Marie – former down-and-out, former stevedore, former love interest of crazed Norwegian sorcerer, married Daniel Masterson (Gareth Williams)17,23,31
Prism, Miss Hilda – agony aunt, Daily Mail (Alan Huyton)3
Ramsey, Peter – conspiracy theorist (Martin Emson)27
Redchenko, Dimitri ‘Red’ – disgraced Russian decathlete (Adrian Nelson)5
Riggs, Benedict – former US Secret Service agent, barking loon (Matt Saunders)4,9,*
Robyns, Arabella – Professor of Parapsychology, University of Nottingham (Stephen Richardson)14,20,25
Saint-John, Lawrence – privileged dilettante (Matt Saunders)5
‘Sean’ – private detective / gunman, friend of leprechauns (David Young)14,16,23,32
Shabazz, Jonas – bouncer, former boxer (John Pritchard)21
Shen, Harriet – Hong Kong Police Department, (presumed) eaten by lake monster (Sam Roads)10,¤
Simmons, John – kleptomaniac (Mike Richardson)1
Slater, Terence ‘Slate’ – crusty street kid (Ralph Lovegrove)1
Smith, ‘Brandy’ David – freelance journalist (Tom Lancaster)21
Smith, Steven – computer programmer / investigator (James L Jira)17,23
Stockton, Micheal – post-office clerk (Simon Thornton)10
Stone, John – radio psychoanalyst / adventurer, shaman (Dave Cooksey)11,19,27,30
Sutherland, Uriah – lottery winner, former professional climber, hideous mismatched zombie, put out of misery by Ella Wallace (David Johnston)7,¤
Swathe, Donald – retired hitman, fixated on the Grail maiden (Darren Lussenden)20,25,32
Thomas, Mickey – armed robber whose daughter was abducted by aliens (Derek Hawthorne)11,19,27,30
Torillo, John – archaeologist, University of Cambridge, possessed by 4th Dynasty spirit (Tony Roberts)11,*
Tregalier, Louis – Egyptologist and creature of passion (Alex Mathieson)24,28
Trend, Sam – locksmith and petty thief (Richard Wing)8,15
Turing, Rob – art and antiques dealer (Seb Larsson)26
Tuttle, Travis – hagiography don, University of Cambridge (Ged Gray)14
Twitchin, Professor Adam – unemployed theoretical physicist, imaginary secret agent, accidentally killed by ‘Side-Step’ in Avalon (Richard Lee)4,9,19,27,30,¤
Wallace, Ella – former occult book editor, practising Wiccan, fell from rope bridge (Charis Stewart)7,13,18,¤
Warren, T R – freelance investigative reporter (Susan Ruff)17,23,30
Weaver, Angel – history student, Bristol University (Derrian Moreton)2
Weiser, Wotan Andrew – history student, army reservist (Geir Kaare Opheim)11,19,27,30
Wentworth, Senator Gregory – lawyer, former California state legislator, once believed to have died in plane crash (Scott Norton)7,13,18,26,28
Williamson, Michael – music scout, necromancer (Gary Lewis)8,15,25,28
Wilton, Jo – disturbed Gulf War veteran (Claire Fayers)14,20,25
Winters, Stuart – environmental politics researcher, Southampton University, killed in The Dreaming (Chris Williamson)6,12,22,30
‘Yuri’ – Russian man of mystery (Arnold Mohammed)24,29

Key: ¤ = deceased
* = otherwise incapacitated
n = took part in that investigation

Thank you everybody!

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