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The newsletter of the Society for the Investigation of the UNEXPLAINED, UK branch

A Note from the Editor

Dear friends,

Well, the Millennium passed without too much mishap (although as everyone knows, the real Millennium isn't for ten months yet) and SITU's chiefs have allowed me to produce another newsletter! Here's another list of operatives, I think the previous one was a little out of date.

Until next time,

Paula Derrow

SITU - Out in the Fields

Aberg, Martyn - IT technician, had a disastrous falling-out with 'Sean' (Duncan Cockayne)23
Alnes, Dr Eric - retired physician and surgeon, philanthropist (Scott Norton)17,23
Anderson, 'Side-step' - debt collector and repo man, in a vampire-induced trance (Steve Penman)4,9,19,*
Bingly, Ferdinand - freelance IT consultant (Rob Sadler)6,12
Blayne, Iain - design engineer, died in plane crash (Paul Bendall)7,13,18,¤
Blyth, Isobel - housewife, part of White Alchemist breeding plan (Dawn Chamberlain)11,19,27
Bowater, James - confidence trickster (we now realize), impersonated Uriah Sutherland, location unknown (Gary Jones)7,*
Brickham, Will - professional diver (Geir Kaare Opheim)21
Callaghan, Lt Jack - US Navy lawyer, possessed by Egyptian magic, murdered by East End gang (Jocelyn Hutt)8,¤
Carter, Jake - anthropologist, University College, London (Antony Smith)3
Castellan, Mark - insurance investigator (Simon White)27
Culver, Dr Matt - lecturer in forensic psychiatry, infected with curious plague (Stuart Lorimer)4,9,19,27
Curry, Guy 'Catspaw' - private investigator (Gerry Duffy)16
Darken, Katrina - drug dealer (Nik Gibbons)22
Davies, Eddie - outdoor pursuits instructor (Dale Else)11
Dellis, Brian - recluse, former USAF pilot (Trey Stone)3
de Montfort, Rupert - disinherited aristocratic junkie (Stephen Taylor)14,20,25
Dragna, Vul - Chicago mobster, crazed by alien artefact, shot by Ross Myers (Bob McLain)3
Dupont, Jon - reporter, Toronto Today (Nick Marks)2
Fanlight, Reverend Jeffrey -vicar of St Mungo's-in-the-Vestry, Stepney (Wendy Anne Prosser)6,12,22
Ferrocco, Gino - family lawyer (Sandya Holkar)6,12,22
Fitzwilliam, Richard - landowner (John Dolan)2
Flint, Robert Montague - anthropologist, reincarnation of Alexander the Great (possibly) (Simon Taylor)10,18,26
Forrester, Sonja - amanuensis (Rachel Hughes)24
Foster, Liz - dilettante Goth occultist (Chris Williamson)1
Garston, Nathan B - criminal psychologist (Kevin Virgin)16,24
Goodchild, Vera - newspaper proprietor and flawed Ubergirl (B K Morris)17,22
Gray, Peter - private detective, exposed as Government spy (Peter Narborough)15,*
Hackett, Claude - private investigator (Mo Holkar)1
Hain, Sam - psychic investigator (Tim Jacobs)27
Hamilton, John - chemical engineer (Paul Bendall)25
Hansen, John - information broker, arrested for murder (John Hansen)3,*
Hardy, Major George Wellington - retired Army officer (Rob Sandy)14,20,25
Harlow, Phil - tabloid journalist (Mark England)20,25
Harper, Charlie - cycle gang member (Gary Jones)7
Harris, Mal - private investigator (Stephen R White)10,21
Hart, Karyn - conspiracy / occult journalist (Gary Lewis)14
Henry, John - rationalist writer (Wendy Prosser)4,9
Hobart, Jefferson 'Jake' - archaeologist / historian and Aboriginal dreamer (Brian Curtis)24
Hook, Maddy - occasional Big Issue vendor and chaos mage (Stuart Lorimer)5,13,15,21,25
Hyde, Tanya - jobseeker, seduced by Egyptian priest (Nicholas Barham-Hall)8,*
Kellsal, George - jobseeker (Nick Rowe)5
Keyes, Martin - petty crook, result of a failed breeding programme (B K Morris)23
Knight, Damien - FBI agent (Bruce Perry)5
Knight, Diana - graphic designer / artist (Karen Stevens)5,13
Larch, Lady Judith - wealthy widow, charitable worker (Rachel Lintern)16,24
Lazarus, Jason - film director, cracked under the strain (Keith Riley)21,*
Logan, Dr Michael - ancient historian, Sheffield University (Mike Parsons)2
'Loki' - computer consultant / hacker, rendered comatose by Himalayan villagers (Mark Hutton)10,18,*
Macdowell, Kris - librarian, Imperial College, London (Mel Dymond Harper)1,6,12,22
Maranello, Joe - 'The Masked Magician' (Mark Bean)26
Margeson, Alan - computer programmer, abductee (Gary Jones)13
Marwood, Antony - lawyer (Scott Norton)26
Masterson, Daniel - computer analyst (Gareth Williams)10,18,25
McBride, Sampson - boxing promoter, deported to the US (John Pritchard)3,*
McCabe, Donovan - Canadian Olympic pentathlete, downright weird (Hannah Lintern)16
McDonald, Ben - freelance journalist (Simon Cullimore)5
McGregor, Darius - would-be journalist (David Edmondson)4
McKenzie, Kyle - freelance geologist, claustrophobe (Mark Hirst)6,12
McShane, Nora - reporter, Australian Star, temporary SITU office assistant (Bhasker S J Pandya)7,13,18,25
Michaelson, Samantha - cat burglar (Graham Donald)20,25
Mirande, Celestina - occult bookseller and Voodoo priestess (Mia Hart-Allison)8,11,19
Montrose, Heather - enigmatic street kid (Emma Turton)16
Morrison, Alan - nightclub security guard (Gordon Walker)15
Muir, Corrin - archaeologist, Nottingham University (Stuart McKinley)5
Mulberry, David 'Hound' - investigative journalist (Andi Thornton)2
Myers, Ross - former paratrooper (Neil Parham)8,15,21
Nangi, Tanzan - Soto Zen monk (Richard Farquhar)8
Ndofir, Grace - anthropologist, decipherer of the ancient tongue of Mu (Graham Harper)1,6,12,22
Numenor, Father Jake - Vietnam veteran priest, hospitalised for criminal insanity (Chuck Miro)21
Numenor, Ned - journalist and paranoid (Chuck Miro)17,22
Osbourne, Russell - SF novelist (Shane Kennedy)8,15
Owara, Dexter - Nigerian Elvis impersonator (Larry Deyell)16,24
Parker-Davis, Taylor - model and heiress (Elaine Rose)17
Petherton, Liza - former model and designer (Emma Turton)24
Prior, Belle-Marie - former down-and-out, former stevedore, former love interest of crazed Norwegian sorcerer (Gareth Williams)17,23
Prism, Miss Hilda - agony aunt, Daily Mail (Alan Huyton)3
Ramsey, Peter - conspiracy theorist (Martin Emson)27
Redchenko, Dimitri 'Red' - disgraced Russian decathlete (Adrian Nelson)5
Riggs, Benedict - former US Secret Service agent, barking loon (Matt Saunders)4,9,*
Robyns, Arabella - Professor of Parapsychology, University of Nottingham (Stephen Richardson)14,20,25
Saint-John, Lawrence - privileged dilettante (Matt Saunders)5
'Sean' - private detective / gunman, friend of leprechauns (David Young)14,16,23
Shabazz, Jonas - bouncer, former boxer (John Pritchard)21
Shen, Harriet - Hong Kong Police Department, (presumed) eaten by lake monster (Sam Roads)10,¤
Simmons, John - kleptomaniac (Mike Richardson)1
Slater, Terence 'Slate' - crusty street kid (Ralph Lovegrove)1
Smith, 'Brandy' David - freelance journalist (Tom Lancaster)21
Smith, Steven - computer programmer / investigator (James L Jira)17,23
Stockton, Micheal - post-office clerk (Simon Thornton)10
Stone, John - radio psychoanalyst / adventurer, shaman (Dave Cooksey)11,19,27
Sutherland, Uriah - lottery winner, former professional climber, hideous mismatched zombie, put out of misery by Ella Wallace (David Johnston)7,¤
Swathe, Donald - retired hitman, fixated on the Grail maiden (Darren Lussenden)20,25
Thomas, Micky - armed robber (Derek Hawthorne)11,19,27
Torillo, John - archaeologist, University of Cambridge, possessed by 4th Dynasty spirit (Tony Roberts)11,*
Tregalier, Louis - Egyptologist and creature of passion (Alex Mathieson)24
Trend, Sam - locksmith and petty thief (Richard Wing)8,15
Turing, Rob - art and antiques dealer (Seb Larsson)26
Tuttle, Travis - hagiography don, University of Cambridge (Ged Gray)14
Twitchin, Professor Adam - unemployed theoretical physicist, imaginary secret agent (Richard Lee)4,9,19,27
Wallace, Ella - former occult book editor, practising Wiccan, fell from rope bridge (Charis Stewart)7,13,18,¤
Warren, T R - freelance investigative reporter (Susan Ruff)17,23
Weaver, Angel - history student, Bristol University (Derrian Moreton)2
Weiser, Wotan Andrew - history student, army reservist (Geir Kaare Opheim)11,19
Wentworth, Senator Gregory - lawyer, former California state legislator, died in plane crash (Scott Norton)7,13,18,¤
Williamson, Michael - music scout, necromancer (Gary Lewis)8,15
Wilton, Jo - disturbed Gulf War veteran (Claire Fayers)14,20,25
Winters, Stuart - environmental politics researcher, Southampton University (Chris Williamson)6,12,22
'Yuri' - Russian man of mystery (Arnold Mohammed)24

Key: ¤ = deceased
* = otherwise incapacitated
n = took part in that investigation


We are now approaching a very difficult time for SITU. Perusal of the list above will make it apparent how many of our Operatives have failed to make the grade, in one way or another. Stability, and sticking together, are more important now than ever before.
Geoff Blaize, Head of Operations

Further to that, security is of the utmost importance as well. Remember, secrecy is our friend. Our enemies already know too much about us - let it not be you who allows them to find out more. Take every possible precaution!
Andre Swahn, Head of Strategy

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